I have been on my diet a couple of months now. I continue to lose weight, and I feel fantastic. I’ve started running in the evenings: a mile at first, and now, I am up to four or five. My husband and I are doing terrific. The spark has been rekindled, and maybe for the first time in our relationship, we are treating each other with the genuine care and devotion we both deserve. And the kids, well, the kids have fallen into place along with everything else. Happily doing chores. Finishing their homework as soon as they get home. Making a point to be kind and gentle to each other. Life could not be better.”

I’m not sure actually whose post that is .. but I’m sharing it anyhow. Here’s to Life! … in all its messiness.

I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not mine. There are parts of it, glimmers, if you hold your head sideways and squint … where it could be mine. Yes, I’m still on my Plant strong diet going on two months now. Yes, sometimes, occasionally in a blue moon, my husband and I, amidst the many stressors of our lives, remember and find the time and energy to be kind to each other. Yes, sometimes my kids do things that make my heart light up. But honestly, most days go by in a blur.

And as I sit at my computer, my back hurts and the day has not even started yet, and I’m bone tired. I’ve got 15 things to get done today. There’s dishes all over the kitchen. Spring break is looming, and I keep trying to convince myself that I will enjoy the extra expense and energy it requires to keep four kids busy, happy and healthy all week while getting our regular never-ending work done.

But it is a good bone tired.

I feel that I am headed in the right direction and making progress. I’m learning to let go of the ‘should of’s’ and ‘could of’s’ and ‘why don’t they’s’ and learning to take care of myself amidst the chaos and in spite of. Learning to breathe. Learning to let go.

And the website I started and put so much of my time and savings into www.FindaWomensCircle.com … is doing well. Not in a ‘it’s taken off, look at the 1000’s of women joining, oh my!’ way, but in a ‘women are steadily joining each day’. It has helped to connect women across the world. I’ve heard from a women here, a women there …. and it has therefore, done what I wanted and continues to do what I wanted it to do … help us heal.

Have you noticed how things here in Internet land tend to migrate to the two sides of the spectrum? Either the ‘Everything’s beautiful, I have my shit completely together. Follow me. Be like me’ or the ‘I’m going to whine and complain and tell you straight out how much this all sucks and how much I’m struggling.’

Well, I’m going to strongly claim the middle ground.

Things don’t suck … completely. Things are not wonderful … completely.

Here’s to Life. In all its beauty and messiness.

So … this blog is really meant to help promote the Find a Women’s Circle: the dF App site, but not much seems to be going on lately. Facebook seems to be rather quiet with not a lot new to say … seems to me we’re all in ‘heads down, keep on trekking’ mode.

Meanwhile, add your Women’s Circle to the site. Or better yet, add your desire to find/start/join a Women’s Circle.

That really is my main intent with the dF App, using technology to help us connect in our communities, in actual person, not in a ‘how’s it going’/’fine’, but heart-felt, genuine, ‘this is who I am and who I’m becoming’ way, let’s sit in some Women’s Circles, across from each other and support each other as we travel there …