Those of you who know what it is, I want to apologize. Those that do not, I am not going to say anything other than a maternal ‘do your research ahead of time’, trust your instincts, believe in yourself, as Jonita D’Souza just said in her recent CEO (Create Evolve Overcome) interview ‘self-love’ is ‘the act of cultivating radical self-acceptance and self-compassion within.”

Unless you’re a big jerk, and then go be yourself in a remote location while you work on that self.

There is a huge legal disclaimer with pages of mumbo jumbo in reminding you that only YOU are responsible for where you go and who you associate with. Be careful. See Bluebeard for who he (or she) really is.

And a second encouragement to always question things. There is an interesting documentary on Netflix right now called ‘Memory Games’. Fascinating because it explains how memory works. Memory is involved with the hippocampus and the amygdala: the latter being the ’emotional’ area of the brain. Memories tied to strong emotions, you are more prone to remember. But not correctly. That’s right: not correctly. Your brain routinely drops details and fills them in randomly.

There is a study done where it was determined that 75% of eyewitness accounts are incorrect. Scary, isn’t that. And here is where it gets scarier. The ability to ‘influence’ these accounts. The line up. Who do you think you saw? ‘Ah yes, that one,’ nodding head. And all of a sudden, that memory is firmed up. Or an ‘Are you sure?’ with a questioning look. ‘Maybe not’ and that person is off the hook.

So why is memory important? They do tests with those that have damage to their hippocampus and have figured out that your memories are intimately tied to your future.

Those that cannot remember their past cannot imagine their future.

Just be sure to build a future that you really want.