Karen Moon

Almost every day you can find me doing my best to take care of my four chillin’ alongside the beautiful Fox River in a suburb of Chicago … originally (well somewhat originally) from Texas. Prefer wide open spaces, blue skies, the Longhorns, Weirdness, steel guitars and Austin before it exploded but I confess I have been away far too long to really remember it. I do love the seasons here in the Midwest.’  Visit Karen at her website Keep On Path or her writing at elephantjournal.com.

 Genis Schmidt

and the Holistic Moms Network and Dances of Universal Peace


Genis has been involved with the Holistic Moms Network in Naperville and is helping to set up a local chapter in Fall of 2013. HMN says that they encourage moms to trust their instincts, parent from the heart, use their innate sense of what is best for their children, live in balance with the Earth, and learn about the pros and cons of all healthcare and parenting options. The meetings that Genis has told me about seem very interesting, and I am looking forward to learning more …

Her other passion is Dances of Universal Peace which really appeals to the San Francisco – hippie – flower Maypole child within me. The originator of the Dances of Universal Peace, Samuel Lewis (born 1896-1971) was a spiritual renaissance man whose life and teachings were a testimony to truth, originality and embodied spirituality. From the early days and his original body of about 50 dances, the collection has grown since his passing in 1971 to more than 500 dances, which celebrate the sacred heart of Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Aramaic, Native American, Native Middle Eastern, Celtic, Native African, and Goddess traditions.

Samuel said of ‘dance’: What does dance do for us? First and foremost, it inculcates the sense of rhythm and enhances our response to rhythm. This is really a response to life. It makes us more living, which is to say, more spiritual. It brings out beauty of form and movement, and envelops our personalities in the enjoyment of them. It takes us beyond ourselves, bringing an initial taste of the state of non-being, which is really a balm for the soul.1

I met Genis through the Fox River AP Meet-up Group that was started in December of 2012. We meet usually in the mornings during the week for a local playgroup. Please check it out!

Picture Credits to Karen Bachman Kells Art Quilts Designer and Homebirth Nurse / Baby Catcher


I have not yet met Karen but I believe she was at my neighbor’s homebirth. She designs quilts that are stunning Her Facebook Quilt Page and I want to thank her for letting me use the pictures (on our Home Page, etc.)

In another lifetime, I would be a doula, midwife, childbirth educator or breastfeeding advocate. I believe strongly in all of these, and the sense of empowerment that mothers get through the help of these strong, wise, nurturing women is – as the American Express commercials say – ‘priceless’!!

I envision Fox River Mamas as place to share information, ideas, support and meet local

Women who have found a passion

who are comfortable in their own skin … their idiosyncrasies … their imperfect perfect ‘wabi-sabi’-ness

I look forward to meeting you!

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