Christmas, the gift that just keeps on giving.  Ahh-yes, can you tell I had a ‘bah-humbug’ sort of Christmas this year.   On top of all the fun challenges of these past few weeks, a couple nights ago, I noticed my left breast starting to hurt.  Within 30 minutes, I had the chills so badly that it kept me up for about two hours.

The next day was yet another couch day.  I find it amazing that something wrong with your breast can make everything feel so gosh darn awful.  Definitely, an example that your body is connected!

I have had mastitis before and know that it is your body’s way of screaming at you, ‘SLOW DOWN’.  It does take you right off your feet.  Rest, plenty of water and plenty of nursing are the big three essentials.  But then I went and asked the local Fox River Mama Facebook page, here are some other holistic suggestions:

Cabbage Leaves

Just place cabbage leaves in your bra or place them over your breast. Change them as they wilt.

Basil & Garlic

No wonder Italians are so healthy.  Both are known for their anti-bacterial properties.  I made a basil paste and rubbed it on.

The garlic should be eaten raw.  You can eat up to 4-7 cloves a day.  More than that, it acts as a blood thinner.  (I admit that I found it rather difficult to eat one, but an ‘orange juice’ chaser helped.)

Non-related but helpful:  you can also rub garlic on baby’s feet when they have something they need to fight off.


Lecitin is the gold standard for mastitis. Also can be used to prevent recurring mastitis.

Teaspoon of sea salt

One mama took Dr. Rosi’s advise from Homefirst… a teaspoon or two of sea salt in the morning in water for several days in a row…hard to get it down, but it worked.  Ever since then, she takes extra sea salt whenever she has a wound or big healing that needs to take place.

Homeopathic medicine

Phytolacca & castor oil compresses.  Dr. Fior was mentioned as an amazing homeopath in the area.

*I am by no means a medical professional.  These are only a compilation of suggestions from local mama’s and should be done/considered under your own auspices.  J

**Photo credit to Karen Bachman Kells.