Brushes away our stories about who we are, how special, spiritual, wise or awake, how we have come from here or there, to do this or that to save the world.  She tells us none of this matters if we don’t do the dirty work and clear out the corners of our psyche which feed off those very stories and tells us we’re special.

So at this powerful New Moon which begins the New Year, we have an opportunity to sit and reflect upon the identities we have chosen and the stories we tell.  They have had their place and played their part, but right now it may be time to let them go in favour of a nakedness the likes of which we have never experienced, which renders us merely a tiny speck in the this vast cosmos, but one full of power to bring about change.*

Most of us, live our lives so disconnected from the Earth, and devoid of any kind of ritual that creates the space for us to connect. 

We ferry our children, go to our offices, make our casseroles and playdates and parent-teacher conferences.






What is your essence? 

What do you bring to the Table?

There is something so powerful when women come together to support each other on their journey, in their hopes and dreams. We are healed, we are nurtured, we feel comforted and understood.

*Reprinted with permission from here.