‘You’re denying your inner witch.’

Say what?  Now my boys and my husband would tell you I don’t deny her at all.  She comes shining through quite often.

But that is what my friend told me.

She considers herself a ‘witch’, is comfortable calling herself that and believes in the sacredness and seriousness of all the ‘witchy’ things she does.

Good for her.  I mean as long as she is a ‘good witch’ and intends good and light and love through her actions, not evil and control and manipulation.

What incredible times we live in!  And what an incredible place we live in that we have the freedom to consider ourselves witches or pagans, Sufis, New Age gurus, Catholics or Protestants or Non-denominational Christians.

Not too long ago and still today in other countries, people are killed for their beliefs – routinely executed, beheaded, thrown in jail and ostracized for believing outside the norm or that which is dictated by those in power.

And so except for the rebels throughout the ages, we learned collectively to keep our mouths shut and our opinions to ourselves.

But the next step of evolution is to find where you are comfortable in your own skin – your inner weirdness.  Be confident in your beliefs but with a respect for your neighbor.

Most people hold in themselves.  ‘Not for me’, ‘Don’t agree’, ‘You’re a kook’ is what their thinking, but outwardly, they’re smiling and nodding their head.

Instead, couldn’t we try:

‘Interesting perspective, but I don’t agree.’  ‘Not for me, personally.’

‘But you have a right to your own opinion.’

I have taken a trip over to the weird side, but what I have found is that sometimes they can be just as judgmental with their crystals, group soul retrievals and sacred altars.

I am comfortable with my inner witch, just as I am comfortable with my traditional Catholic, my socializing Methodist, my incense-burning Hindu and my dancing Sufi.  They all bring different things to the table – some of which I agree whole-heartedly with and some of which I disagree.

Meanwhile, we’re having a heck of a party.