Disclaimer: I have no affiliation nor any experience with any of these but am merely reposting recommendations from other local mamas (listed in order of comments made on original post).    If you would like to add another to the list, please pm me or add to comments.  Thanks!

Photos by Katie Hall

Memory Box Photograph – Vicky Beauchamp

“I’ll chime in and say you get what you pay for with photos, and the investment is definitely worth it IMO. Love Photos by Katie Hall and also Memory Box Photography (Vicky Beauchamp).”

Original post:  “Yeah our whole family had a session with a very talented woman I grew up with : buying her cd was $1500! I can’t afford that.”

Aimee Fields

Aimee Goier Fields is a photographer – I am not sure what her rates are, but she is on here so hopefully will respond …Thanks Karen!

I know that ‘affordable’ has a different threshold with each family, but I certainly do not charge $1500 for a disk. I have a Facebook page as well as a website. My site has been recently redone, so most galleries are still on my FB page. Check it out & if interested, I’d love to chat about what you’re looking for as far as child photos! Thanks

Trademan Photography

“I’d like to recommend Trademan Photography in St. Charles.  I know the couple who own this biz, they are so fun and creative, love kids and are very professional.”

Chelsea Joy photography

“Chelsea Joy was great. She came right to our home and was great to work with!”

Kristy Garceau Photography

“She is an AP (Attachment Parenting) mom, a LLL (La Leche League) leader too. We have used her for 3 years now. My husband is very picky when it comes to photography as he used to do it as a hobby. Use lots of natural light, mindful of shadowing, very detailed, easy to work with, kids like her.”

April Duda