Picture yourself on the edge of a cliff above the ocean, gazing out across the horizon just before dawn. In the breath before the sun blazes to life, rising from the sea, you reflect, let go and embrace your total nature. It is a death. A birth.

A silent awakening .*

What do you want to let go of?

What do you want to give birth to?

Break free from an illusion that you have.

Set an intention to approach things from a new perspective

and then ground yourself in a new experience.

And only love can lift the veil
The veil away
Only love can take its place
and I have traveled long and far
just to come home to your grace.**


Moon Lodge musings: The Native Americans had a beautiful practice at their moon time where the women would retreat to the Moon Lodge to rest, restore, sleep, dream and re-connect with themselves and their sisters having given so much time, energy and love to family and community during the periods between their moon time. 

A  few friends and I meet on New Moons and Full Moons for an hour to connect, pause and reflect.   There is something so powerful when women come together to support each other on their journey, in their hopes and dreams. We are healed, we are nurtured, we feel comforted and understood.

If you are local and would like more information, please contact me.


* Borrowed from Eric Pepin’s Introduction to his book Silent Awakening

** Lyrics to Tina Malia Silent Awakening

*** Borrowed from Cheryl O’Connor’s posting here:  http://cheoco.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/theres-a-full-moon-rising/ 


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