Whether you are planning to have a homebirth or a C-section, I highly recommend looking in to having a doula present at your birth.  These amazing, nurturing, knowledgeable women are there for you emotionally providing support, massage, advice and help on sticking to your birth plan.  Find one that fits your philosophy and personality and hire her.  Statistics show:

A scientific review involving six studies of more than 2,000 women found that with the continuous support of a trained doula, epidural use decreased by 60 percent. Also, the number of Cesarean sections dropped by 50 percent, oxytocin use for labor induction decreased by 40 percent, forceps use by 40 percent, and the average length of labor by 25 percent.

The above alone will justify the cost, but even more so will be the empowerment that a doula brings.  And I hear people say that they have their husband or their mother there so they don’t need one.  Terrific!  But odds are your husband or mother have not been at a lot of births before, and they will quickly lose their objectivity if they see you in pain or get fearful of what is going on.

Trust me, I had them at 3 of my 4 births.  The 4th I had a midwife and in looking back, I wish I had hired a doula as well, since the midwife is more there for the birth.  The doula is there for You.  Priceless.

(Alphabetically listed)

Cait Arwen, Elburn, IL

Alexandrea Finney, Batavia, IL

Kristy Ford Hinz far north

Deb Lawrence –

Martha Paschke, Geneva, IL –

I am a DONA certified doula who has attended about 60 births in homes and hospitals. I work to include the father/partner to the extent they desire and ensure that they have as peaceful and enjoyable a birth as possible in all circumstances. I bring oils and relaxation aids, help the couple plan their own packing list, take photos if desired and provide emotional and physical support as needed throughout the end of pregnancy, labor and post partum.

Meg Smith –

* Above are taken from my Facebook group page here: As always, there is no claim on the training, outcome, etc – use your own judgment and research.  If you have a name to be added, please contact me or put in comments, and I will add. 🙂