I love things that are one foot in science and one in spirituality.

Astrologically speaking, the theme for the New Moon in Scorpio and the Solar Eclipse (today, October 24, 2014) is about embracing your darkness and creatively using this to progress in life.

How do you ’embrace’ your darkness?

One way is to shift it and look at it from a different perspective.

Here’s an example.

Whenever I enter a room with different people in it like a classroom or a meeting or even a mama’s meet-up, I always feel ‘overwhelmed’ when I first get there. Things are a bit fuzzy and feel a bit intense.

I always felt this was due to my history of high blood pressure. It (usually) settles down after ten minutes, so I just ride it through or take a blood pressure pill if it is an intense situation.

Only right now, I’m reading Rose Rosetree’s Aura Reading. I know ‘kooky stuff‘, right, where psychics see yellows and purples around people.

Only Rose doesn’t present it this way. Her theory is that we all have intuitive ways of knowing things such as ‘emotional empathy’ where someone’s else’s emotional data becomes your personal experience or ‘gustatory giftedness’ where you are very attune to different smells.

The trick is to find your unique set of gifts and then learn how to use them.

And nowadays, science has proven that we have electromagnetic fields around our bodies.

Hence, ‘auras‘.

So, maybe just maybe, when I go into a room, that ‘off’ feeling I get for a bit is my way of processing/absorbing the different energies/auras that are there. I know that I have always been sensitive to anger, tension, sadness, etc. I feel it in people, and one of my adult challenges has been to learn how to relinquish responsibility for it. (This is the emotional empathy that she speaks of.)

The book talks about sensing these ‘fields’ around people and how it is essential to relax and not try to focus in order to do so.

Historically, this ‘fuzziness’ has led me to freak out a bit … and perhaps that is what spikes my blood pressure – in other words, it is the chicken and not the egg.

It’s an interesting concept and one that I am experimenting with.

Looking at it this way, this ability could become a gift and not a hindrance as I have historically looked at it.

One step more, what if it’s not even my stuff?

Fascinating article, you can read here,

‘Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA’


This article talks about scientists proving that DNA and cells have learned memory experiences such as fear that can be passed down generation to generation.

What if your fear is not ’your’ fear but your ancestors?

This brings another dimension entirely to the concept of ’past lives’ … maybe these really are past lives encoded in the memory of your DNA.

Mind blowing, isn’t it.

And being proved these days by science.

What fears and anxieties hold you back in life?


And how can you shift your perspective …