emma mitchell

At some point, we all have to take back the reins and provide for ourselves whatever we unknowingly or knowingly were never given as children.

For this New Moon in my women’s circle, we are writing letters to our Inner Children. Here is mine:

Hi Darling Beautiful Karen,

It’s your Mother.

Jai Ma.

And you are ten years old.

I want you to know that you are beautiful and loved.
I will teach you how to handle these feelings …
Anxiety, sadness, anger, fear
How to let them gently wash upon the beach
Instead of being swept away with the tide.

Please read the rest of this here:


*  Photo of the Northern Lights by Emma Mitchell of Callanish Digital Designs. Emma says of the Northern Lights, “I’ve only really seen them strong like this the last couple of years, and then, only a few times a year. The island (Callanish Isle of Lewis in Scotland) is 58 Degrees North so not quite in the Arctic circle. It’s all depending on our weather and the space weather.”