circle of women

Women’s Circle Definition:

A space where women come together, from all walks of life, of all ages and with different life experiences, and form a safe and sacred space to share. Every circle is different. Some women come to socialize, others come to process deep emotional wounds and some come to hold space for their sisters in their community. They are deeply transformative and open up a whole new community of loving and conscious women. We come together as strangers and leave as sisters. So often we are unable to express what is truly going on for us in our lives or we feel like no one understands what we are experiencing. A women’s circle is a beautiful space to surround yourself with like minded women who can support you and guide you if you wish. If you have never been to one, I encourage you to come and try one. It may just change your life.

I have been working on a project/website to help women find Circles and am actively looking for a couple of business-smart, intuitive, kind, open-hearted, open-minded, strong women to work with me who share my passion for Women’s Circles.

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