Guess who woke me up again this morning … fox.

At 4 am, I hear this distressed ‘cawwww cawwww’, bird-like sound.

The other morning, and it had been a rough day, my husband and I were woken up at 4am to this same noise. We heard and saw two mid-size animals running up and down the street a few times, and this plaintive screech.

It lasted a good while, and as I looked out the window, I saw something golden in our front yard.

This time, I heard the cry a couple of times, but then tried to fall back asleep. Close to 5am, I decide to go ahead and get up.

I love being up when the sun rises, and my busy household of six is quiet. It is my time, and I savor it.

When I come downstairs, I hear the cry again. I go outside in the newly brightening day, and across the street is the fox.

She is distressed, wondering about, making this cry ‘cawwwww cawwww’.

She repeats it a couple times while walking around and then scampers down the street.

I have seen a mother fox before in our neighborhood.  I fear that this is her, and that she has lost one of her babies to whatever she was chasing the other day.

My heart saddens for her.

Lately, when I pay attention to Nature, I see this birth/death/birth cycle everywhere.

Life can be so very painful. My son’s 39 year old, lively, popular Assistant Principal died suddenly of a heart attack at 39 leaving behind 4 children. Everyone I know is facing challenges, sicknesses, cancer, marital issues, financial obstacles …

But at the same time that all of this Death is occurring, there is New Life as well.

What are the Seeds that you are planting this morning?

And will you be able to let go of whatever needs to be let go?

Be sure that the Seeds you plant today are ones of Hope and Love and Faith.

‘One of the most powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is stand up and show your soul.’

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Stand Up.

And Show Your Soul.

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