smartphone apps

Soon!  Our free Smartphone Apps will be available in Itunes and the Google Play store!  We anticipate one to three weeks from now …

The DF App:  Find a Women’s Circle … free smartphone app to help you find, start and share Women’s Circles and other Divine Fem Events.

You can see, register and add Circles/Events on our PC Website here: (best seen on PC; you can see on your smartphone but will be hard to maneuver around, better to wait for smartphone app.)

We are actively looking for your Women Circle information.  Right now, there are 130 Women’s Circles (USA only – sorry – for first version) or desire to start/join/find.

Please email to us at the following, and we will add:  Name, Description (600 letters or less), city, state and zip code, URL link (if applicable), email (only seen after women register and request.)

Or you can go on the Website and register (below Log in button) and then add the information yourself.

Also, check out the Divine Fem Events, both location based and virtual (online).

The DF App and Facebook group have already worked twice in our Circle reaching women who had moved here from other states and were looking for Women’s Circles.  Both of them said (they had been here about a year) that we were the first women they had ‘met’ here.  You know what that means, right?  MET, met heart to heart, let their guard down, walked into our Circle, set down their expected roles of Wife, Lover, Mama and just connected, healed, empowered, breathed … Find a Women’s Circle.  





*Altar picture and b&w picture from a Circle that Alexandrea Finney, Radical Doula held in our Moon Lodge.  Check out more from her here.