brigid grove goddess

“She who circles in the moonlight. She who gathers with her sisters. She who hears the drumbeat of the earth. She who tunes her heartbeat to this call. She who steps in time with the wind.

Of this earth, for this earth, on this earth.”

-Molly Remer, Brigid’s Grove

Embrace Possibility.

This handmade lead-free pewter pendant from Brigid’s Grove is about 1.5 inches tall and comes on a black satin cord packaged with love in a purple organza bag.

You can see her listing on her Etsy shop here , and Molly said she’d throw in a little surprise for the winner as well. ❤

From today April 20, 2016 until Wednesday April 27, 2016, we will be doing a contest.  In order to be entered, please:

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Sorry, contest is USA only as The DF App (for now) is USA only.  We are working on adding additional locations.

The winner will be notified on Thursday, April 28th and posted in The DF App: Find a Women’s Circle Facebook group here.

The Divine Feminine App is a Computer App to held you find, start, share and promote Women’s Circles and other Divine Feminine Events such as Red Tents, Spirituality Circles, Goddess Temple, Moon Lodge, Sacred Circles, Pagan, Witch and other Women Embodiment groups. These are oftentimes held on new and full moons but site is not tied to any one religion but rather Women’s Empowerment, Healing and Connecting.

“This is the coolest app ever.” – Cheryl S.

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“This is an epic way and much needed tool to connect women across the globe with each other for empowered support and sacred sisterhood. WAY TO GO Karen!! Thank you so much for creating this.” – Achintya Devi, Goddess

“Thank you, this is such a beautiful gift!! I can’t wait to check it all out!” – Amanda Spencer

“It’s sooo needed and perfect! I love it!”-  Barbara Gail

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*You may still participate in the contest if you are already registered in The DF App.  Just omit step #2.   You may also participate without downloading the smartphone app by registering on the PC Website.  If you need some help on registering for The DF App, you can watch a YouTube video here: or email us at