I mean this post with no disrespect to the Man known formerly as the Artist who was Prince who was born as Prince Rogers Nelson. You see, I didn’t know that man. And most likely, you did not either. From all accounts, very few did as he was as enigmatic as the symbol that became his name.

As for the public persona that I knew as Prince, I thought to myself how fitting that his death would occur on the Full Moon in Scorpio being the often feared and misunderstood sign of death and of illusion.

I have done a lot of thinking about the public persona of Prince over the past week. You see, maybe like you, as a child of the 80‘s, I grew up with his music.

And in the 80’s, Prince was the persona of cool. And that was me growing up. Cool. ‘The coolest girl I knew,’ says one former classmate.

I worked hard at it, giving the illusion that nothing bothered me and watching life with an aloof, measured and amused detachment. I grew up to the music of Prince.

‘Never going to let that elevator take us down. Oh, no, let’s go ..’

But it took him down, didn’t it. And obviously, things did bother him. Starting with his height, which is why he wore platform shoes, which is why he needed a hip replacement, which is why he needed painkillers … which look like they may have killed him.

The stories I hear over the past week give me this Willy Wonka / Emperor with No Clothes persona. From them, I would gather, yes, the man had heart. Yes, the man had incredible musical skill.

But who did he trust? Who did he truly let in?

The man did not leave behind a Will. Because, according to his sister, after being screwed as a young artist over and over, he did not trust anyone in regard to legal and financial matters.

Okay, but when is enough ‘enough’? At some point, don’t you have enough money? At some point, don’t you need to build long term relationships where you trust people?

Prince is one of the last in a long line of Super Stars that I don‘t think we will ever see again. One by one, the Robin William’s, the Frank Sinatra’s and the Michael Jackson’s are moving on to that next plane. One by one, they’re showing us that money and that stardom are not the answers.

As the prevalence of cameras, iphones and technologies have taken the power away from movie moguls and network television instead creating these micro, realty-tv stars who are here today and gone tomorrow … when the power of Facebook, Instagram and the world wide web gives everyone immortality and the ability to become a star, what are we really saying goodbye to?

Below is a short, non-professional meditation that I did for the Full Moon in Scorpio the year prior. It speaks about looking inside to see what you need to leave behind in order to live the life you are destined to live.

You see, Scorpio is not just about death. Scorpio is about the needed death to clear the way for new growth.

Don’t get me wrong, I am Not saying that Prince needed to die. My heart grieves for a man that by all accounts I have read this past week … was quite lonely.

But maybe it is time we gave up that illusion of Super Stardom and the illusion of cool.

Don’t be cool.  Be authentic.  Be you.  In all your inadequacy and imperfect perfect.  Surround yourself with people who ‘get you’. Realize and accept the large majority of people may not.  Be okay with that.

And as for the ones who do, learn with them, love them, trust them and grow with them.  A Women’s Circle is a great place to learn how to do that.