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“You are the first person that ever presented the idea of a women’s circle to me. I was really resistant at first! I pictured a group of women sitting around griping about their lives, their partners, and children, and about being a woman. My experiences with women had not been altogether positive up to that point, and I think many women don’t have a place to simply be who they are without putting on a “face”. I have been going to a women’s circle for about 9 months or so now and it has been such an amazing experience for me! It isn’t what I pictured at all. We hold space for each other to just be human, without trying to fix that or change it in any way. We support each other and uplift each other. There is something in the sharing of my own story and the hearing of other women’s stories that has helped me blossom. I wouldn’t miss those meetings for the world. It is a soul support system for me.” –Angie Webster


Have you tried one?

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“It’s sooo needed and perfect! I love it!” Barbara Gail

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