The stories we tell ourselves .. so important!
“This skin which we lose is our power: our unique, authentic power as women. The power to create, to guard, to transform. We become disconnected from our female body-wisdom and instincts. We lose that power to the Wasteland. We lose it in so many ways. It is taken from us, with threats and violence. Or we follow the wrong path in life, a path without heart. We leave behind what sustains and nourishes us. We turn our back on the plight of the planet, out of fear, or out of ambition, or simply out of a refusal to see the situation for what it is. We might not have been responsible for making the world this way, but for sure we have been complicit in its creation, and in the maintenance of a civilization which has caused so much damage.
But sooner or later, no matter how cleverly we try to hide ourselves, to turn away from the truth, we are called to change. “
Change your stories, change your life.