I’m needing your help for a moment.  It won’t cost you a penny and will only take about a minute of your time.

Please either:

I have worked daily on the divine feminine app for the past three years and put thousands of my funds into it … because I believe so strongly in the power of Women’s Circles.

And I believe that the divine feminine app is connecting us locally and across the world*. And every time that a woman hears about another group that is meeting or goes to a powerful event, it encourages her to go to a Circle or even start her own.

And it’s going to change the world … it already is.

“Thank you for creating such a special spot for women together, this resource is invaluable!  Bright blessings,” – Carolyn, Wild Woman Wellness Center – New Hampshire

*Check out more testimonials here.

I am nearing the time to start development on Version Two of the divine feminine app, and oh my, I’m excited about it. It’s going to add Profiles which will connect us even more not only in our neighborhoods but also with our interests: drumming, circle training, herbalism, political activism, astrology and more.

And it’s going to give you the ability to follow your favorite ‘divine feminine persona’ and organizations so in one place you can succinctly see everything that is going on with your tribes.

“Thanks to the Divine Feminine app, I attended this event on Sunday night. On the bluffs above the Mississippi River in Wisconsin, I took my place in a circle of women. Thank you, Karen. You are making a difference. – Janis Hall

But I need some numbers in this group.  Right now, there are about 2700 women from all over the world registered, and every single day, women join.  And there are 2000 women’s circles and events from all over the world.  2000.  Stop a minute and think about that, 2000 x how many meeting in this way and healing the world.

But I know, there are so many more out there who could use this.  And to put it bluntly, to get the funds for version two, I need to have more numbers in this.

I’m not asking you to add your grandma or your next door neighbor;  I mean that is unless your grandma or your next door neighbor is a person who ‘gets this’: who gets how Sacred Circles are food for your soul.

I never do understand when women tell me that they wish they could come but they have this going on or that, so they’re just going to lay low for awhile or work their ass off so they can ignore it, because that is exactly when you need a Circle. Food for your soul.

NOW is when you need a Circle, and the divine feminine app is going to help you find one.

Register quickly and easily (at no cost) here: http://thedfapp.com/#/register

Or join us in our Facebook group here: Find a Women’s Circle: the divine feminine app https://www.facebook.com/groups/moonlodgerevolution/

Thank you.  My heart to your’s … and to the next person and the next.

“This is an epic way and much needed tool to connect women across the globe with each other for empowered support and sacred sisterhood. WAY TO GO Karen!! Thank you so much for creating this.” – Achintya Devi, Goddess Rising.org .

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