‘It would be completely wonderful to have a ‘Find a Friend and Support Network’ site.”

That is the thought that I had over ten years ago finding myself a Single Mother with two small sons isolated in a Midwest Suburb of Chicago after living a rather nomadic existence with my first husband, an Airforce pilot.

But of course, life does not work that way. There are success stories of meeting ‘significant others’ online, but as the Fairy Tale goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs. And friendship is a completely different matter than ‘significant others’: built on time, trust and exposure.

Four years after that, at the ripe old age of 42, ‘Spirit’ blessed me with my fourth child. (I had nothing to do with it. I swear, as my second husband and I just passed each other in the hallway. Kidding, but not.)

But I then had the thought, “Well, that’s it, I have to start a Mother’s group because if I don’t start making some like-minded friends, I will not be able to go on.”

The Mother’s Group (Fox River Mamas) led to my first Women’s Circle (of which I wrote about in elephant journal here back in 2013.)

And that led to this whole notion of ‘Feminine Spirituality’: finding God in nature and circles and within yourself. The Goddess.

A whole new World opened up to me.

But I quickly saw that even though there was this connection running through all these incredible women, many of whom had known Her for decades and known each other as well for decades, especially if you were new to all of this, there was no easy way to find them or local groups.

And a whole lot of us are finding the Sacred Feminine, providing balance to the world.

And from that, the idea of the ‘divine feminine app’ was born.

The divine feminine app seeks to connect us in our communities in manners that encourage the ‘feminine side of God’ providing balance to the world.  Mother God demands no specific religion and no specific rules. When we gather with respect, love, compassion and open-hearts, She is there. The divine feminine app provides inspiration, education and connection not only locally but across the world .  We are all Her Children.

I have worked on the divine feminine app tirelessly for the past almost four years. I have poured my time and heart and soul and checkbook in to making a computer app that helps to connect us both on a local level and across the world.

And it’s been working.

“Thank you! I’ve been facilitating Our Feminine Divine Circle for 21 years+ and finally, FINALLY there is this app that assists wymyn in finding their home. I posted my Circle and within a day, I met a new sister. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Blessed Be.”
– Reverend Laura Tria,

Other Testimonials

On a shoestring budget, the divine feminine app was publicly released in May of 2016. Since then, each and every day, we have had users finding us and registering. We are up to almost 4000 registered users and almost 3000 listed Circles, events and resources from all over the world.

And by the way, no, you do not have to be a woman to use the app. The ‘divine feminine’ is needed in every gender. Of course, individual Circles and events have their intended participants. Check with them. But more and more, I am seeing co-ed Sacred Circles.

I have received so many thanks and testimonials of how the app has connected people and changed lives.

But even when the app was released and available through Itunes and Google play and on the website back in 2016, I knew that I was not done.

I immediately started working on the Second Version of the app.

Currently, the First Version is a way to find out what is in your area, see Virtual events and put in your desire to ‘Find/Start/Join a Sacred Circle’.

The Second Version improves on how all of the former is done but also adds an Interactive News section, a Resource section and a Profile section in order to draw users more frequently to the app so that it will do a better job of connecting us.

My passion has been not only to lead women(people) to existing Circles, but also to create small, local Circles around the world where you can, not only find a sense of community, but also find the divinity within yourself, healing and balance.

Version Two of the divine feminine app – due out in early 2019 – will be another step towards this. I am honored to be able to release it into the world.

What can you do now? Register for the current app here. And send me an email to say hello at admin at the df app .Com. Right now, when you register for the app, you are automatically signed up for the (pretty much) monthly newsletter (but can unsubscribe at any time). It’s good to send me an email, because without doing that, the newsletter (especially if you have a gmail account) tends to get lost in all the spam/social folders out there.

That is one of the main reasons I am so excited about the Interactive News feature of Version Two. In today’s world, of commercialized social media driven mainly by financial aims with algorithms telling you what you are interested in and overwhelmed users bombarded by emails and images, the divine feminine app’s News section will seek to give you the user an efficient means of seeing Her Work progress in the world and the ability to go quickly to what interests you. Jai ma. Rising.