I just returned from the Midwest Herbal Conference learning from so many wise women like Eaglesong Gardener, Venice Williams of Alice’s Garden, Cornelia Cho – – well, every single woman I met actually.

I heard one of them say

“I would not be who I am without these events and circles.”

That made me pause, because sometimes we think these women with these accomplishments who are so comfortable speaking in public and sharing … were born that way.

But hearing that made me think just how very much I had changed from two years ago when I went to the Midwest Herbal Conference.  I wrote about that experience in the below blog post.

“Holy Shit! I’m a Herbalist … And You Might Be One, too.”


I compared the ‘me’ now to the ‘me’ then.  Wow.  What a difference.  And I hands down know I too would not be the person I am and am becoming without these events and Circles.

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eagel.jpgOne of the favorite experiences from the weekend was ‘Menopause:  A Second Spring’ by EagleSong Gardener, Herbalist.  EagleSong began with the chant:

“It’s the blood of the ancients that flows through our veins

Forms change

The Spiral of Life Remains”

And then proceeded to talk about menopause with so much humor, warmth and wisdom.

  • ‘Maiden’ being the time in your life when you have all this energy and ideals about Life and how your’s will be.
  • ‘Mother’ when the ‘work’ and responsibility hits, more often than not, blowing out of the water those ideas you had as a Maiden.
  • ‘Crone’ your opportunity to ‘redo’ your Maiden dreams, making yourself into your most ‘authentic’ self and discovering who and what you truly want to be.

Many of us are at that Crone point, aren’t we.  And we’re taking back that word and the concept of respecting Elders instead of our culture’s unhealthy preoccupation with never aging.

From my first blog post two years ago:

…. Ubaka [Hill] said something else that really stuck. She said, ‘we’re building a culture.’

All these circles and events and the concept of the divine feminine. We’re finding our roots in indigenous cultures, and we’re adapting them to the now and what works. With nature and drumming and exploring and letting out our feelings and figuring out how to really live with them and use them and shifting our thinking from mind to heart while still ‘getting things done’.

And by going to these events and then bringing back what we learn and really making ‘community’ where we live (and hopefully small neighborhood Sacred circles), we’re redefining what ‘feminine’ means. We’re changing the world.

The divine feminine.

Are you listening?

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