1. Getting out in nature. Always. But even more so now. I’m hugging a lot of trees. Seriously. A lot of days, it’s taking longer to ‘get there’. But when I ‘get there’, ahhhh, peace.
  2. Tonglen Meditation. Thank you to a Dear friend for this. Flipping what I know on its head. Instead of breathing in the good stuff and trying to get rid of the bad. I breathe in the bad. Bring it on. Don’t fight it. Let it in while keeping your heart open. Fear. Anxiety. Sadness. Hatred. Anger. Bring it all in and then let it out. As Love. As Peace. As Stillness. As Acceptance. As Calm. My empathetic nature has been feeling so much out there lately. So many ‘checking out’. Both permanently and just staying in hiding. Change brings fear in its many forms. Tonglen has been incredible at helping me navigate all of this. I did a short one for Circle you can find on my Playlist here: https://youtu.be/5yqiiqTrie4 Even better, there is one on there by Pema Chodron.
  3. CBD Oil, Motherswort and lots of tea. I’ve completely cut out alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. Trying to limit gluten, sugars and processed. Those that know me are so impressed that I’ve cut all that out. Surprisingly, it’s fairly easy to do when you think you’re dying. I would be more concerned (btw, yes, I have been to the doctor and had blood tests) about these medical things (hands and feet tingling, odd pains) if I were not still in menopause and also if, almost every one of my friends were not going through some odd nervous system-related disease and/or hand/foot thing. Oh, and I’m seeming to need a lot of calcium so I’m drinking a couple glasses of almond milk daily. Listening to my body and trying to treat it as well as I can. I’m not quite done with you yet, Vessel. So I’m listening to it, but at the same time, then saying, yea, whatever, get over it. I’ve got things to do.
  4. Sacred Circles. Shhhh, I’m only going to whisper this, but Circles are a bit harder I find lately.  There was this point for me when they were reaching nirvana and just ‘bliss-filled’: incense, full moons, music. Take me away, Calgon.  But lately, I find them a bit more ‘bogged’ down.  Like my nature walks, it’s harder to reach that bliss zone, but still worth it, when I do.  Getting together to meditate, set intentions, connect. Even if it’s just to say, ‘yup, rough out there right now’ but we’re moving in the right direction and I See You.  I Love You.
  5. Normal everyday stuff. Even when my anxiety is sky high. Even when I don’t feel well. Making myself get out and just ‘do normal life’. Despite all. And appreciating it. All of it.
  6. My frame drum. Movement and my frame drum. Drumming moves this stuff through. I like to hold it right by my heart and feel it running through me.
  7. Rocks. I have this one I brought back from Sedona. It hums. I guess it has to do with that nature thing, but when I wake up at 3am in a panic, I go back to bed with a rock. It works. Don’t knock it.
  8. Pleidian group. Reading really far-Out There groups on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram for the most part are not doing it for me anymore. (The divine feminine app is though. Check it out here.) And also skimming Facebook groups like this one: Arcturian/Pleiadian Starseed Community For the most part, I have no idea what they are talking about. I am not sure I even want to.  (But I do have to admit it is interesting how all these different cultures set that group of stars as important thousands of years ago.)     I’ve done all this Healing Work, well, really, my whole life, but most particularly the past seven years, and after I’ve managed to get rid of all this anger, ego, fear, anxiety, I would like to bask in my evolutionary success for awhile, thank you. What? I cannot? It’s like running a marathon, and being handed a water and thinking great, now I can go sleep for a week. Then being told, ‘nope, you gotta keep going’. What? Really?? You are kidding me. What the hell is 4D and 5D. I’ll just stay right here with my flip phone and desktop computer, thank you. I don’t need 4D printing. Really. My inkjet is fine. Works just fine. But yes, I get the point. We are in a time of great change. And the world needs us. So I read what these on the outer edge of reality are saying. At the very least, it makes me feel very normal. Exhaustion and dizziness in the air today? Yup, I’m feeling it too. And the ‘at least I’m not that weird’ reassurance. Now. can you hand me my frame drum and my Sedona rock.
  9. Oh and last, reading Fiction. Movies and tv for the most part are not doing if for me lately. But there are a lot of great books out there. Both non-fiction and fiction.  The latter lifts me out of my tiny insignificant self.  Historical fiction. Fantasy. Books that remind me what human beings are capable of, at the very least in their imagination. What we can do when we put our mind to it. And how very easy, the large majority of us, at least in the West, have it nowadays. Despite the horror of mass shootings, politics, and everything else going on, we’ve made a lot of progress as a human race (Pleidian assisted or not.) Really. We Got This. Yes, we do.

Two good updates:  10.  Epsom Salt baths .. can’t believe I forgot these.  11.  Fiber arts.  I don’t do this, but knitting, weaving, sewing …yes!

Love to hear what is getting YOU through the day lately. Feel free to comment.