Walk towards what resonates

Step away from that which does not

I have stepped away from Facebook.

I have stepped away from dating sites.

I have stepped away from the fear of being alone and hurting and small.

I am a 12 year old girl, my newly found independence in hand, tentative and confident, a charcoal pencil and sketchbook in hand, climbing up my favorite tree, barefoot, wild hair.  And I begin to draw my world.

I am protected.

I am loved.

I am cherished.

I am needed.

My 12 year old girl does not worry what the advertising rate of return is or whether or not it makes fiscal sense or whether or not this action will generate that following and readership and pay her bills.


She pauses.  She looks up in the sky and trails the clouds as they lazily swim past her. She turns her head as a bird careens past her.  She studies an ant on its journey up the bark of the tree. 

She knows she is as intricate part of all of this.  Alive.  In. Each. Moment.  And she listens.   

She smiles as she begins to draw.