Greetings Karen,

Here is my story and passion:

I realized in my early 20’s that I had some reproductive health issues that eventually turned out to be endometriosis. The pain was intense and symptoms unmanageable. Once the diagnosis was made I set out to find solutions to help myself manage.

During my graduate school program I had a thought and theory on how to better serve women that suffered as I did. The wheels were turning and skipping forward a bit Mercier Therapy was born.

During my first marriage I was not able to get pregnant and knew that it was from the endometriosis but at that time I was working in private practice and teaching a lot so I really did not address it to move forward with any medical treatment.

By the time I was married for a second time I was 35 and really wanted to become pregnant. My husband and I were told that I’d need IVF treatment due to the fact that the endometriosis had progressed to an aggressive stage 4. I knew what an IVF cycle could potentially cause and that there would be possible long term side effects to my health, emotional trauma due to a 71% failure rate, and compromise on our marriage and financial difficulties in paying for an expensive treatment that yields very little on the first and second cycles.

I had already written curriculum for Mercier Therapy Professional Training so why hadn’t I asked my trainees to use my therapy on me? Silly. With the next training class I asked each student to work on me and voila…..pregnant for the first time in my life at age 35. I was shocked, amazed and grateful.

My work has touched so many women and I am in awe each time I hear of a pregnancy from a women that may have failed traditional medical treatment or just wanted to work with a more holistic approach. The Mercier protocol helps couples to create their families in a gentle and conscious way.

My life has been blessed but not only with my own outcome but also with the outcomes from other families. This work is truly amazing!

Warm Regards,

~ Jennifer D. Mercier

Traditional Naturopathic Practice


* Thanks Jennifer for sharing with us.  It really hits me, as I read this, how God works through us.  Not that I would wish on anyone the  personal experiences it sounds like you had to go through, but look at the good that has come out of it and how many people you have managed to impact!  How very impressive.  – Karen Moon 

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