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Do you want to contribute an article to Fox River Mamas website or have an idea for an article?  Looking for post ideas and/or contributors to the Fox River Mamas website.

Fox River Mamas is a local e-community connecting mamas through this website, a meet-up group and a Facebook Group page.

I have been posting regularly over the past three months.  In February, through Facebook, search engines, etc., the website had an average of 32 views per day.

Sidenote:  I find it so interesting to see the different ways people ‘get’ here on the search engines.  Some are obvious (things to do in St. Charles), but some are so random.  The other day ‘should I get a fennick fox’ led someone here.  Weird.

As of the beginning of March 2014, there are 62 Mamas in the Meet-up group and 131 Mamas on the Facebook Group page.  Please check us out!

I have been posting items such as:


Jennifer Mercier – Infertility Specialist

Patty Turbak and doTerra Essential Oils

Kelly Brubaker and An Account of a Raw Food Diet and Lung Cancer


Favorite Places in St. Charles

Tot time swim at the Center in Elgin


Ob-gyn doctors in the area

Isacco Restaurant for Italian

Oh, and of course, I can’t forget my own kooky thoughts – the articles I enjoy writing the most as they come from my heart and my own personal passion and belief on how we are all connected:

Find your passion.  Balance your life – between family, friends, work and your soul.  Be your unique self.

Looking for feedback on what you would like to see on this website:

  • Places you want to recommend
  • People (Mamas or not) to have articles on
  • Topics you are interested in
  • Events to promote

Thanks for your support and interest.  Please comment below or send to: