Disclaimer:  Below are personal opinions only taken from Fox River Mamas Facebook group page.  As always, we realize you may not agree and must use your own judgement.

OB-GYN Doctors

* Kevin Hussey, MD in Warrenville – very personable

* Dr. Carroll of CDH in Carol Stream and office in Saint Charles – He’s highly recommended in the birthing community and by ICAN! I heard great things about Dr. Carroll, like he is über midwife.  (I had Dr. Carroll for my 4th birth in which I had high blood pressure and was 42 years of age.  He was great and very supportive in trying to go as natural a route as possible.)

As of 2/2014 Update:  Dr. Carroll in St. Charles also just hired a midwife (Amy Burgess)!  Super exciting- currently providing in office care with hopes for future deliveries at CDH!

* Dr. Mark Morrison in Bloomingdale – Love him!

Mark Morrison is in
Bloomingdale with Female Healthcare Associates
(630-980-3366). A bit quirky,
but that’s what makes him awesome!

* Heather Piper is out of Sherman Hospital with Associates for
Healthcare. (847) 697-7722


* Dr. Elizabeth Heredia in Saint Charles – My personal recommendation as she is my doctor, and I think she is awesome (personable, funny).  Only down side is that she is part time and therefore harder to schedule.  Wait, should I be recommending her, I might want to keep her to myself.  … 🙂

UPDATE:  Someone in my breastfeed group recommended Dr Edward ward. I’m going to try him out. I tried Dr.  Heredia but she was booked three months out for new patients :/ and I’ll be working part time mornings and that’s when she works

* I love our family doctor. Dr Warren Beeh at Fox Valley Family Physicians. His nurses are cool too. I can’t speak for the other doctors there. We only see him.

* There is a functional medicine doctor for adults starting with Dr. Natalie Drummond in Yorkville in August. I don’t recall her name. Dr. Natalie is an awesome ped and homeopathic dr.

I see Dr. Natalie for Brooklyn. It’s a hike from Geneva, 40 min, but she’s so amazing that it’s worth it.

* I have been seeing Dr. Melody Derrick at CDH since she trusted her gut w my mom’s rare cancer 6 years ago. She’s a GP not an OBG though.

* I  LOVE Dr. Hrdlicka at Geneva Integrative Medicine– he opts for holistic first and also does acupuncture. I totally thought of this when I wa there today and looked at his wall of comics 🙂 They’re in Delnor’s professional building

* I see Dr. Mathen in DeKalb. He is very naturally minded and prescribes alternative options before meds if the situation calls for it. There is also Dr. Karen Federici in Genoa. She is also naturally minded and extremely breastfeeding friendly.

* It’s Dr Greg Schulte in St C that I go to. He is a chiropractor that also does Nutritional Response Testing (NRT). With NRT he would use muscle testing to determine which systems are out of balance, which foods/enviromental things you are sensitive to, whether you have any virus, bacterial, fungal, parasite, etc issues, and also check your heart with a heart rate variability test. Then he would use muscle testing again to personalize homeopathic/herbal/whole food supplements and dosages to bring those things back into balance. You have to commit to 3 months to do the NRT program…it has drastically helped my whole family!

I agree 100%. I love Dr. Schulte and totally willing to give up certain things in life to pay for my own preventative care. Totally worth it. I have heard really good things about Dr. Robert Calabria in St Charles and is part of Cadence.

* 5the Ave is a practice I have referred patients to and I feel they have been well cared for. I go to church with Amy Frazier, PA. She is also quite good.

* I love Dr Hemalini and her NP at Westgate in St. Charles. Love love.

* I’m a DC / Chiropractic Physician. My practice is in Elburn.  Erika Houtz Mennerick.


  • Hi! New here, but thought it would jump in and say that I am seeing Colleen Jones and Deb ridell who deliver at Copley but practice through fox valley medical group- I had to change networks to see them but I like them a lot. First time mom due in May so I haven’t delivered with either of them yet but have heard fantastic things.
  • Doctor Embry is amazing. She didnt deliver my son but I loved when I had appointments with her. And oddly enough her mom is a midwife and delivered my youngest son at Sherman in Elgin.
  • Congrats!! How exciting!!! Isabel, a midwife from Copley is awesome! Also Dr. Carol from carol stream is fabulous.. I have sent many many clients to both..
  • Dr. Espinoza and Dr Motycka out of dryer at copley! Both were amazing!!