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Thank you so much for sharing your background and what brought you here. Isn’t it amazing how things fall into place when you are on the right path? I am looking forward to getting to know you better and learning more about natural health options from doTERRA.


Patty Koester Turbak is a representative for doTERRA Wellness products who has lived in Saint Charles for twenty years.

doTERRA is a wellness company offering true health benefits direct from nature: essential oils, wellness supplements, hair/skin care and weight management products.   doTERRA works closely with a global network of leading essential oil chemists and growers to select botanicals of the correct species, grown in the ideal environments, and carefully harvested at the right time.

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What’s my passion.
Natural wellness. I encourage people to take control of their health and wellness, by making good choices in what they’re putting on and in their body.

Was I always this way?
Not exactly. I was raised in the country and grew up on eight acres 60 miles from Chicago. I was the fifth of eight children (four boys, four girls – yes Catholic, still am.) My dad was a Sear’s repair man, and my mom stayed home with us kids.

With that many mouths to feed, it’s not surprising that we grew up eating food that my parents grew or raised – farm-fresh/canned/frozen produce and farm-fresh meats. The cows would be sent out to the butcher shop; the chickens and geese we’d butcher ourselves (I have vivid memories of plucking feathers in the frigid fall air!).

My dad refused to use any chemicals on anything because he said it was ‘poison’. In hindsight, he was absolutely right. We rarely went to the doctor, if we got sick (which was rare) we suffered through it and used natural remedies (chicken soup, hot toddies, etc).

After college, I bolted to Chicago where I took and passed the CPA exam while working for a public accountant for five years. After my stint in public accounting, I took an internal audit position with ServiceMaster, a Fortune 500 company located in Downers Grove.

I changed jobs, got married and moved to the suburbs in the course of six months. After five years in internal audit, I accepted the role of controller for a ServiceMaster subsidiary. I worked for ServiceMaster for seventeen years until they moved the headquarters to Memphis, TN in 2008.

During my years with ServiceMaster, Tim and I were blessed with two daughters who are now in high school. Both girls were in day care from three months until twelve years, they got every single immunization that the doctor recommended (except Gardasil) and were given over the counter medications and prescriptions because that’s what the doctor told me to do. I didn’t really know I had a choice. I do now…and I want to help others know that they have choices!

I’ve always been a ‘glass half full’ person and chose to look at the company’s relocation as a good thing. My employees were probably tired of hearing me say, ‘change is not always a bad thing’ and ‘everything happens for a reason’.

My husband and I agreed that I’d stay home for a few years because our two daughters were at a parochial school and they needed to be driven everywhere. Speaking of being driven, much to my husband’s dismay, I didn’t stay ‘home’ very long – I jumped into volunteering at the kid’s school, the church, and trained/walked the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in 2009 and 2010.

When the girls headed into high school I found myself with little to do again. I starting doing a little bookkeeping so I could continue using the skills that I’d used for all the years before. I still do the books for my first (and only) client.

And then I was diagnosed with ‘slightly elevated TSH, or hypothyroidism.’

What caused this phase of Patty?

Kind of a long story, I tend to tell it as a time-line.

March 2011. Blood tests showed my TSH was slightly elevated, which signaled ‘hypothyroidism’. The doctor wanted to put me on the lowest dose of a maintenance drug. I turned into my dad – “I don’t take medicine!” Doctor talked me into taking the medication, which I did, but with great reluctance.

Fall 2011. My sister Carol showed me an article in a news magazine about a book entitled Eat Right for Your Type. That article lead to my checking out the book from the library and subsequently buying the book and its companion Cook Right For Your Type. I adopted that method of eating at the beginning of October 2011.
Shortly thereafter I had a visit with the doctor about the latest blood test which showed that my TSH was in the range. The doctor was happy; I was not because I didn’t want to be on medication.

At that appointment, I asked the doctor, “Can’t I manage this through diet and exercise?” to which he responded with a sort-of-sigh, “You can try.” I took that as a challenge and decided I was going to show him.

Early 2012. My older sister Nancy badgered me into trying something from doTERRA. Of the 8 children, Nancy is the only one to have moved away, and at the time, she lived in Texas.

Nancy had been talking about doTERRA for months but I always disregarded it as one of Nancy’s flights of fancy — like Reiki and crystals, etc when she lived in Vermont.

Now I know all of it wasn’t a flight of fancy, she was just way ahead of me on her enlightenment journey.

I conceded to Nancy’s badgering and ordered the doTERRA supplements which I started taking in February 2012.

March 2012. Prescription for the maintenance drug expired and I didn’t refill it, get blood tests or visit the doctor until April.

April 2012. Blood tests & follow up visit with the doctor revealed my TSH was in the range and I’d lost a few pounds. Doctor agreed that I’d go without the little white pill for 6 months at which time I’d have another blood test.

Summer 2012 I tried self-treating myself for hypothyroidism with essential oils. I learned some valuable lessons during that time – mainly, essential oils are EXTREMELY powerful and that people unfamiliar with the power of essential oils should not try to self-treat diseases like hypothyroidism.

Minor aches and ailments YES; major diseases, sure, but only under the guidance of a professional.
Fall 2012. Blood tests and visit to the doctor showed that my TSH was still within the range and that I’d lost considerable weight (probably 20-30 pounds, I still don’t know exactly as I’m not a scale watcher). Patty is happy, and doctor is amazed.

During this season I also prayed for guidance on how I could make doTERRA my livelihood.

I was in a quandary — I wanted others to know that they have options in health, yet I didn’t want to be a sales person that just sells a product and moves on to the next person.

And I most certainly didn’t want people buying doTERRA oils and then not understanding their power and potency.

I am a firm believer in developing relationships and serving others as God intended us to serve, thus I turned to Him for direction.

The guidance given in response to my prayers was to ‘align myself with alternative wellness providers’.

I have spent the past 15 months doing things I never thought I’d have the courage or the confidence to do: cold calling individuals in the holistic health field, joining networking groups, working wellness fairs, attending meetings all by myself just so I could meet people and hear about holistic health topics, leading home parties where I show people how they can make over their medicine cabinet, talking to a lot of people and feeling like I’m doing what God intended me to do.

During the first few months, I met so many wonderful and energizing wellness experts that I wanted to have an expo called ‘Patty’s Favorite People’ just so I could showcase the local options in alternative wellness.

The thing is I knew I couldn’t manage to pull together something like that by myself, and more importantly, I didn’t like the idea of my name being associated with it because I’m not an attention-seeking person. I prefer to showcase others and remain behind the scenes. And then I met Genis Schmidt, who I now fondly refer to as ‘Mother Earth’.

February 2013. I attended a Holistic Moms Network-West Suburban Chapter meeting in Warrenville, met Genis and heard about the Holistic Health Expo that the chapter was hosting in March.

I decided right then and there that we needed a Holistic Moms Network in the Fox Valley and that I wanted to be one of the leaders.

Told that to Genis, only to learn that she had recently moved to St. Charles. Ah fate.

In February, I also met co-leader Kelly Brubaker. She and I became instant friends; she has so much knowledge and passion. I am humbled that she calls me friend.

March 2013. I attended Holistic Moms Network Holistic Health Expo, and was blown away at the magnitude of the expo and the number of people in attendance. The expo was EXACTLY what I wanted for Patty’s Favorite People! I discussed with Genis how we need to do this in the Fox Valley.

April 2013. Genis found our fourth leader for the Holistic Moms Network Tracy Heilers. And the leadership team went to work on the Holistic Moms Network – Fox Valley Chapter.

I am not kidding in the least when I say that every time I am in the presence of the women affiliated with the Holistic Moms Network (leaders/members/guests), I feel like I’ve been invited to sit with the cool kids at lunch.

I’m soaking it up, I am energized and invigorated every time I’m with them! I’m hoping they don’t figure out that I’m not as cool as they are!

Fast forward to January 2014. I’ve been in the same weight range for the past 15+ months. I still eat primarily according to Eat Right for Your Type and take the doTERRA supplements because I believe the combination of the two are responsible for my weight loss and getting the hypothyroidism under control.

My now-50-year old body is happy where it is and I plan to keep it happy!

My goal for 2013 was to align myself with holistic health and wellness experts and declare myself a Business Builder for doTERRA. In 2013 I accomplished both goals, which will always remain sub-goals for me.

For 2014 my main goal is to grow my doTERRA business, by recruiting and supporting quality users and other business builders. I believe that everyone should know about natural wellness options (not just essential oils) and will continue to challenge myself to spread the word to all I meet.


Every single batch of essential oils is third-party tested to ensure that they are 100% pure, potent, safe, and effective.

If any batch is found to contain any contaminant, such as outside residues or pesticides, the company will not accept the batch (and the rejected batch will likely be sold to another essential oil company).

Their essential oils are extremely potent because they contain only pure essential oils – doTERRA essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Essential oils can be used topically, aromatically or internally (speaking solely about doTERRA, as many of their essential oils are labeled as such).

Essential oils work quickly and effectively to affect mood, relieve pain, combat virus and bacteria, etc. They are used by moms, doctors, teachers, yoga instructors, midwives, dentists, Reiki masters, scientists (I could go on)!

Until the advent of modern medicine and healthcare, for thousands of years, people relied on nature as their medicine cabinet.

My focus is to show people how they can go back to nature and use doTERRA essential oils and products for natural wellness.

I live in St. Charles and can be found driving my cool mini-van around in circles or at the park district doing Zumba.

I can be reached by email or phone

My website is

Join the Fox River Mamas Group page here to learn about Patty’s next Open House or check out here for more information on the Holistic Moms Network Fox Valley Chapter.