This sounds like it is worth a try.  Thanks for posting Holly!  The original article is here.

And it reminds me of another ‘sock remedy’ that my doula shared with me after birth of number four when pure exhaustion was giving me a terrible headache:  a white sock filled with rice heats up wonderfully in the microwave and then put behind your neck gives relief.

From the article:

A Salt Sock is basically just a white cotton sock filled with Coarse Sea Salt that you heat up and place on the affected ear for relief. Scientifically I could speak about the healing properties of the minerals in the sea salt, or how the salt retains the heat so well creating a shift in the pressure within the ear… but its so much more fun to just say its MAGIC!!!  Who couldn’t use a little more magic in their life – especially when their baby is suffering with an ear ache.

Did it work?  Let us know below.

And again, I am not ANY sort of medical professional.  Use with your own judgement.

Some other local mama recommendations:

A couple of drops of melaleuca or basil essential oil on a cotton ball, rest the cotton ball on the inside of the ear. You can also rub those oils behind your ear, where it dents in and then follow along the jaw line. A little bit more often is more effective than a lot all at once.

Garlic oil. A drop in each ear 4 times a day.