You are beautiful
You are smart
You are funny
You are kind
You are unique

You are worthy
Of love
And acceptance

You are never too much
And you are always enough

You are precious
A diamond
A rose
A pearl
The most stunning of God’s creation

Your worth surpasses all earthly things
Because in the eyes of the Lord God
You are Loved

And you are worth Dying For

Regardless of who you think you are
The reality is that
You deserve someone who would give up their life for you

Because you are power
And strong
And capable

Read about the woman in the bible
These woman changed the world forever
And inside of you

Each and every one of you

Is a woman with that same power
And that same strength
And that same world changing capability

And your responsibility is to find that woman
And to Set That Woman Free

This is who you are

And any voices in your mind
That try and tell you differently
Is from the enemy

And the next time
You hear them
This is what you say
Not me

I am a Daughter of the Living God
I am Awesome


Well done, James Ellis.