This Saturday is a New Moon.

Grab a couple of girlfriends.

Make a couple of girlfriends if you don’t have anyone in mind.  Social networks – facebook, meet-up.com – are great avenues for finding like-minded people in your area.

Find a space that is quiet, beautiful, away from the noise and chaos of your home: maybe outside by a river or lake, your backyard, your three seasons room.

Light some candles or a fire.

Place some flowers, statues, roses, crystals or rocks: anything that is beautiful and symbolic and speaks to your soul.

Take a deep breath and relax.

Now start with some sage – a plant used throughout the ages to symbolically ‘clear the air’.  Each of you ‘sages’ the other person, outlining their body as they mentally release stress.

Watch the negative energy float away as the smoke drifts up and out.


Balance the masculine energy of the sage with some incense.

Acknowledge the four directions and elements.  Native American, Celtic and Pagan in its roots, I find this a good reminder of what physically comprises our world – balancing forces and an acknowledgment of nature.

Play some relaxing inspirational music.

Read some poetry.  Discuss astrology or a religious idea.  It’s good to pick a theme for the night having to do with the current season or what is calling you.  Odds are that it will be calling the people who came as well.

Pass around a journal where you write down your goals and intentions.

Share them.

Words are powerful when we share them with our friends and loved ones.

Do a short meditation.  Check out the one that I made:


Google drive link to New Moon Meditation**

Dropbox link to New Moon Meditation**

“Know that each moment you are alive is a moment to start on a new path in the direction you are destined to go bringing your highest good to all.”

Feel free to giggle at it, especially if you are new to meditation, it may seem a bit silly.  But here’s the thing, I honestly believe that if 1% of the population took the time to really concentrate on meditating and/or praying to send love out to the world and heal their own soul, we could change the world. ***

Certainly would not hurt to try, no?

Do a short blessing to finish your circle.


Next up:  Your Full Moon Circle

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* Sage photo credit to:  http://www.rootstaskyehealth.com/blog/2014/04/sage-smoke-and-guidance

** I am a bit technologically challenged.  I could not get this to play directly from Dropbox, but was able to download it.  If you download to your computer, you can then go into ITunes and insert new file.  I also put it on Google Drive.  Love to hear your feedback on if/how you were able to listen to this and what you thought.  Thanks!

***  My article on ‘Saving the World’ can be found on elephant journal here.