We were greeted at the gate by a man with a leaf crown who asked if my daughter had brought her wings. Almost every young girl there (and there were lots of them) had their wings and dresses – so many beautiful faery princesses!

And not just the young uns, but so many adults dressed up in faery princess outfits, a ginger mermaid, sword fighters, an elder dragon selling ice cream, a human statue, eclectic vendors selling singing bowls, reiki, tarot cards and more.

All by the Fox River with music such as the folk singing duo Patchouli, a Native American flute player and singer from the Southwest, Taiko drumming and more.

People who have not lost their joie de vivre, their uniqueness and their sense of fantasy and wonder: not commercialized and not with tons of expensive rides that you continually have to say no to. This festival is a delight for your senses not an overload to your senses as so many others are.

Go, but go quietly. You don’t want to disturb all of the Faeries and Dragons.


The World of Faeries

Wonderful Karen.  Thank you so much. Please come again. Next year is our 11th year and It’s the Eleventh Hour: a Journey thru Time.  Our creative cast is going to have fun with that one, bringing back Steampunk fae, flower fae, renaissance fae, who knows what comes in the mix?  Taiko Drummers are already slated to be back as is our mermaid and so much more.  Our festival is very spontaneous, and intimate, that’s the magic of it all.  We want people to forget being an adult and be a child again and believe in wonder.
Dave and Gloria Yaeger

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