Is it just me or do a lot of people seem to be having a hard time lately? Unrest, personal health problems, failed marriages to world crisis of war and violence.

I keep getting brought back to this paragraph:

“During a transition in culture,” I said, “old certainties and views begin to break down and evolve into new traditions, causing anxiety in the short run. At the same time that some people are waking up and sustaining an inner connection of love that sustains them and allows them to evolve more rapidly, others feel as though everything is changing too fast and that we’re losing our way. They become fearful and more controlling to try to raise their energy. This polarization of fear can be very dangerous because fearful people can rationalize extreme measures. ~ James Redfield, The Tenth Insight

Deepak Chopra spoke of this yesterday in the Global Peace Meditation that I participated in: how we need to unlearn everything that we have learned and retrain our minds to think peace and harmony.

He spoke about the concept of ‘critical mass’ and the theory if enough people learn to cultivate peace through meditation that we actually can change the world.

I used to see a negative example of this in my local dog park, usually on the weekends, when the ‘regulars’ were not the only ones there. Everything would be going fine. Life happening. Dogs and people enjoying the sunshine, milling around and talking.

And then one dog would start a problem.

And you would ‘feel’ it. This shift in the air. All of a sudden, like a flashover in a fire, the dogs would change. My normally friendly, meek dog would rush over to see the situation. And mass chaos would erupt. Dog fights are not pretty. They can be quite scary as we humans tend to forget the potential for destruction in our canine best friends. Usually, the owners would get them back under control rather quickly, and then we would be left to assess the severity of the bloody wounds.

Chopra mentioned this that the negative effects of the critical mass theory have been well proven, but not yet have we seen what the positive effects could do: that if enough of us learn to cultivate peace through meditation how we could actually spread peace throughout the world.

Think on the concept.

Really sit and think on it. Could it be as simple as this?

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for my friends to come over to participate in the Global Peace Meditation amidst managing my four children from aged two to thirteen, I had a bit of difficulty cultivating peace.

A few times I had to stifle the urge to scream, ‘Damnit, can’t you all cooperate and behave a bit more? I am BUSY getting ready to cultivate WORLD PEACE, GODDAMNIT.’

I even had to take a couple of breaks. I don’t claim to have mastered this whole Mama thing; I fail quite often. I have lots of personal relationships and situations in my life that are frustrating and painful.

But I am old enough and wise enough to realize that Change starts with yourself.

I used to be a part of the Middle Class of the United States of America.

But the Middle Class is disappearing as we move towards this country of ‘have’s’ and ‘have-not’s’. The American Dream where your children did a little better than yourself materially is disappearing. Grocery, utilities and everything else is going up in price while salaries stagnate or go down. The jobs that are out there don’t support the abundance of things that have become ‘requirements’ in this culture.

You turn on the news and are blown away with the violence and capacity for evil that exists.

There is a shift in the air. You can feel it.

And we are left with a choice:

Do you continue to stifle down the anxiety, fear, anger and hatred using food, alcohol, drugs,  shopping and other temporary quick fixes?

Or do you choose Love?

Meditation teaches you how to choose Love.

Check out this awesome video from India Arie of the song she sang at yesterday’s meditation:


You can also learn more about meditation and participate in Deepak and Oprah’s free 21 day Meditation Challenge here:

Dog meditating picture credit here.