red tent barn

Last night, I went to a showing of The ‘Red Tent: The Things Women Don’t Talk About’ at Shelli Mullins’ farm. What a gorgeous night, and her farm is so picturesque set amidst trees and fields in a bit of a dip. The almost full Supermoon was exquisite. Nature in its perfection.

I’m just going to come out and say it. I have serious Shelli Mullins Envy. I want to be her. In another life, if I don’t come back as a fish or a frog, please God, let me come back as a Shelli Mullins. I have to tone down my energy around her, because I feel it coming off in waves – this admiration. She is such a strong powerful woman, not your standard Hollywood waif, but you can tell that she has built her life, brick by brick (and that is the type of woman she is), and she has the ‘It Factor’ – confidence, empathy, good will, personal style, and the result is, I, along with a whole lot of other people, just find her whole persona gorgeous and empowering.

From what I know of her, I think she’s figured out this whole relationship thing much better than me – an adoring husband, kids that you’re not always screaming at, a functioning extended family, friends abounding. She is my yardstick. And if I don’t get there, God willing, I’ll do my best to get my kids as far there as possible.

And the type of person she is, she’ll be cheering me on, just as she’s cheering a whole lot of others on.

One of the biggest tools, the reason she had this showing and probably another reason that I have an affinity for her is her support of the whole concept of the ‘Red Tent’ which is basically the same thing as my Moon Lodges – a place for women to retreat to, connect, support and lift each other up, find beauty and song and dance and poetry and love and empathy and ’Care’ – self-care and other-care.

And I know I’m not the only one who‘s caught whiff of this movement, have you?

It’s our time, Mamas, and do you know why? Because we’re not afraid of our emotions, feeling them, healing them, learning to live in a healthy way without having to shoot others and wage wars and continually spend our energies in unhealthy ways.

Step aside, Men. I’m not saying you haven’t done some amazing things; you have, good job. But it’s our turn now. Listen up to some of our rules:

Play nice … or you won’t be invited back.

Figure out how to all get along with all of your differences.

Honor nature and the earth.

Make time to recharge.


No matter what religion or ethnicity we are, recognize we’re all basically the same underneath – all just struggling to figure this thing out, have a few good moments along the way, appreciate some beauty, feel as if we’re appreciated for our unique talents and loved and have the chance to love some others.

And find a Red Tent or Moon Lodge**.



*Check out Peaceful Parlour’s event Moon Lodge / Red Tent Goddess Event on Sunday, September 28th from 6-8pm in downtown Geneva,

* PM me for more information on my Moon Lodges

* Call a few friends and start your own circle:


It all starts with you.

Save the World.

** Music from ‘Sacredness’  Shylah Ray Sunshine.  Pictures from Alex Finney’s Sacred Pregnancy class.