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There are all types of circles meeting out there.

There are Christian-based ones, ones that highlight a different religion each meeting, ones that use art or dance, pagan ones heavy on ritual, ones that want to create change globally and support causes, environmental or otherwise … what do they all have in common?

Yesterday, I had lunch with two incredible local ladies: Shelli Mullins and Kathleen Brigidina Haerr. Between the two of them, they have several decades of work in circles of all types.

Both women are very different. Shelli in her circles prefers to dive down deep spiritually and evolve alongside a comfortable few in small intimate circles. She takes time from her busy schedule to sit in on other circles and help them. To her, the sacred intent and positive leadership of each individual circle is very important. It is a passion and a calling and one that she has built slowly and fastidiously over the years brick by brick.

On a daily basis, Shelli positively influences so many local women with her sense of style, integrity, hard work and appreciation for beauty amidst every day life.

On the other hand, Kathleen is an intuitive artist, her ‘heARTtology’ approach has led her to work on a global scale with Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Conscious Evolution movement and to be deeply embedded as a local touchstone for the concept.

Barbara Marx Hubbard is mind-blowing, and I am looking forward to getting to know her work further, but Conscious Evolution is, in a nutshell, the idea that:

It is the first time in our history, that as a species, we are AWARE of our evolution and aware that our actions can either create NEGATIVE RESULTS OR POSITIVE RESULTS.

Which ones are you going to choose?

Buckminster Fuller said this of Barbara Marx Hubbard:

“There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard – who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society – is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.”

Kathleen has been instrumental in facilitating such local events as Barbara Marx Hubbard’s 85th birthday party here in Burr Ridge, Illinois on the 21st of December, 2014, the Winter Solstice. (More information can be found here: )

Kathleen also recently co-created the “Rise and Shine … Awakening Heart to Heart” event at Elgin’s ArtSpace Gallery, an eight day showcase of over 150 pieces by women artists celebrating all things feminine.

This is only the second time that I have met Kathleen, but the more I know of her, the more impressed I am with what she is involved with.  I had goosebumps sitting across from the two of these women listening to them, women comfortable in their skin and more importantly:

Women who have realized that not only do they bring their unique set of talents to the table but that what changes the world is when each of us brings our unique gifts to the table.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Join us Wednesday, November 19th from 7-9:30 pm for Kathleen’s next Red Tent event at Elgin’s ArtSpace. More information can be found here:

– Go to www.findawomenscircle , hit the ’Find a Circle’ button and take the survey on what type of circle appeals to you. Let us help you find a women’s circle that develops your unique set of gifts and/or list your current circle so that we can build a stronger network to go further.   Together We Rise.

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*Shelli Mullins (center) and Kathleen Brigidina Haerr (right) at Red Tent event.  See more at: