rock bottom

Thinking this morning about poor Robin Williams and how it again brings to the forefront that even when it appears that a person has so much: fame and fortune, they can still be struggling with so much.

I am feeling very sad for his family and children and everyone else affected by depression and drug and alcohol addiction.

And I am thinking of some local friends and acquaintances I have who are struggling, and I have been praying and thinking about them.

Which then leads me back to how important it is to change how you think.

Arna Baartz and your I Am Change course: I am feeling as if I am sounding like a groupie! J You know, I am sure others have figured this out as well, but your course was really my ‘a-ha’ moment where I saw how important and possible it is to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN and HOW YOU THINK.  And I loved how you gave easy daily steps on doing so.

Like a car or computer or any other technical golly-ma-hoo we have (I am quite the technical person Not!), your brain is going to follow the pathways and programming we set down for it.

We all feel the same emotions.

It is how you handle those emotions that will change your life.

Find your healthy passions, what floats your boat, lights up your face and brings you joy. For me, nature, moon lodges, music, meditation, exercise, friends – find healthy ways to recharge your soul.

Learn how to recognize your negative emotions: hold them for a moment, feel them and then release them. They are no more real than a rainy day. They will pass if you let them.

Rely on people. They won’t be the same people as people die and move on, but find people who have figured out how to hold on to a little of the same type of joy that lights you up and then open up to them. Trust them. Even if you get hurt. Realize a large majority of the time, it is not personal as they are dealing with their own demons.

And when it is personal, well, if you’ve figured out how to be yourself and like yourself, then ‘oh well!’

Set boundaries for the people in your life who are mean, hurtful and critical. Forgive them, because most likely, they never learned any of this, but if they don’t recognize how absolutely stunning and beautiful you are, it is okay. That is their loss.

They are most likely struggling with how stunning and beautiful they are themselves, too.

GIVE UP the illusion of control. You cannot control how successful your children become, how much your husband and family loves you, how much money you make, you can only do your best to provide the most stable loving environment that you can, work as hard as you can, set the right intentions and then leave it in God’s hands.

And I have realized that we don’t have to worry so much about the Big Decisions – do we get a divorce, find another job, move to another house.  That if we learn how to live the small, daily moments in life, the big ones fall into place.

And that is simple, in each and every instant and encounter, choose Love.

It is a paradox of how very simple and how very difficult this is.

But your Life Depends On It.



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