I am reading an interesting book called Aura Reading Through All of your Senses by Rose Rosetree.  Rose’s premise is that we are all gifted in some way with intuitive abilities. The key is to discover your unique set of gifts and then develop your intuition in ways to best relate to others and live.

First, you can look at gifts based on the five basic senses and see which ones you tend to have a bit of an edge on when compared with the others.


1. SIGHT – Clairvoyance – Often have visions, or can effortlessly remember faces and visual details. Color important.

2. TOUCH – Clairsentinence – Information comes along with touch. Some often come across as very physical and sexy, but sometimes unconcerned about their own physicality. Work especially well with their hands, for example, writing, cooking or gardening. Come across as ‘grounded’ or ‘absent-minded’ professor.

3.  SOUND – Clairaudience – Nuances of hearing (noises as well as silence).  Recognize people by their voices, accents or speech patterns.

4. TOUCH – Emotional Touch.  You pick up people’s underlying feelings just about everywhere.  Respond emotionally to most situations.  Usually emotional risk takers, asking questions others wouldn’t dare, compelled to stir things up.

5.  SMELL/TASTE – Gustatory Giftedness.  In crowds, smells can drive you crazy.  Love to read about food, can mentally taste a dish by thinking about it.  And/or pick up on the vibes of how food was cooked.

In addition to the five basic senses, there are gifts to your Sixth Sense.


1.  Emotional empathy – Unless you have learned how to live with it, your inner life may be tempestuous due to constantly taking on other people’s emotional stuff.

2.  Physical empathy – Another person’s physical sensations become your own. Great on learning physical actions I.e. Mark would put himself mentally inside gymnastics teacher’s body during demonstration, and then could duplicate the stunt.

3.  Analytical awareness – Thrives on complexity – can see many different layers of life at once. Best example from playing music such as Bach where 2 or 3 more highly complex musical lines interweave at once – need to be analytically aware to play all at the same time.

4.  Holistic Knowing – Connectors of people, skills and ideas.  Often basis for telepathy, the spiritual ability to merge consciousness with another intelligence.

5.  Truth knowledge – Specific thoughts just come to you, short and sweet.

6.  Psychic knowing – Gift works like truth knowledge, physical empathy and emotional empathy all rolled into one and available long distance. Requires personal life in balance, choosing to use your gifts for service and efforts to develop your gifts.

I most definitely have a heightened Emotional Touch sense as I have always sensed people’s emotional moods, sometimes even if they are not aware of them.

This really hit home the part about being an emotional risk taker as I have always tended to good-naturedly and in their best interests ‘prod’ people along their emotional paths, trying to ‘unstick’ them from needed areas.

This explains a lot to me as I in the past have been amazed at the extent of dislike I sometimes get. It makes more sense to me as I have always been a bit perplexed as I like people in general and think that I am a people-pleaser and for the most part, friendly, good-natured, etc.

But I do admit and see that I tend to push people emotionally in directions that they may not be ready or willing to go.

As I am figuring out how to live more a more healthy life, I am figuring out ways to handle the second part of this (so-called?) gift – emotional empathy. I am realizing that a lot of the pain and suffering emotionally that I have taken on … was not mine but that of people close to me.

Wow. Is that one a life changer.

Realizing how at the mercy I was to others’ emotions – often emotions they were not consciously recognizing. To learn how to move from taking on others anger, fear, sadness, etc. to being able to recognize it, hopefully offer assistance or help, but then relinquish responsibility for it.

In other words, learning how to actually turn this into a ’Gift’.

In what ways are you gifted? And how can you best use these gifts in relation to others?

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