If you are in the Northern hemisphere, tonight was the Longest Night’s Full Moon in which the days are getting darker and colder as we head towards the Winter’s Solstice.

In alignment with this, it’s a good time to take a look at the ‘Dark Sides of your Nature’.  One of my intuitive gifts is that I can usually see what emotions people are feeling and often, ignoring.  My nature is to ‘prod people into acknowledging these emotions.’  Some may find that annoying.  🙂  But it is important as I believe that what you don’t deal with either erupts in a volcanic state or erupts through health issues.

Here is a ten minute meditation for tonight’s Full Moon on Darkness.  Enjoy.  Better yet, enjoy with a couple of your friends and check out my Facebook Group on Women’s Circles here:

Or dropbox link here:

* Art work by Josephine Wall