green goddess

Learning how to sit with silence. Dive down deep and connect with the part of you that is Pure. That is peace. That is God.

Meditation. Mindfulness. There are many different tried and true techniques for this. Find what works the best for you. But you have to learn how to silence your thoughts, anxieties, fears and other emotions.

That is why religions were formed. To give us a means to come together in order to learn how to go inside ourselves and find the truest, highest version of ourselves.

What an incredible world it is. And never before have we had the chance to be as connected as we are. Never before had we had the power of so much information at our fingertips.

There is so much to learn from religions, people and history. Not because there is one ‘right’ way to do things, but because whatever you are experiencing, someone – many ‘someones’ have experienced the same before.

Loss, grief, anger, selfishness, abandonment, fear, death and decay – all of those are part of the human condition. We must tell our stories not only for others to feel a connection but so that we don’t have to learn everything firsthand.

Whatever brought you to this unique junction in life is completely unique to you, but the situations you have faced? They are not unique. They have happened before and will happen again. To it, you bring your experience, genetics and culture, and therefore, you have to find the best way to handle things in your life.

Only you know this.

And only you will know when you are not following the right path.

Learning how to listen to that voice within yourself. After all, that is God speaking.

Of course, it is obvious if you are making stupid choices such as drugs, immorality, etc., but perhaps that is your path for now. Learning the ramifications of what you do. Being an example for others. Not all examples are good examples.


Learning how to ride the chaos that is Life and at the same time, direct energy towards your unique path.

So many of us fear chaos – situations, change – the whirlwind of Life where we are not in control.

Think of a giant water slide at an unknown waterpark, you hop on not knowing what dips and curves lie ahead. You have to learn how to enjoy the ride as sometimes it is wild and fun, but other times, you have to manage your fear, being ducked under the water, gasping for air, blind and not enjoying it all.

Let’s go again.

That is Life. That Courage to say let’s do it again, shall we? Knowing that there is fear and pain that will lie ahead, but there are no avoidances for that in life. No matter what you do, death will get you in the end.

So you may as well make it a good ride.

Fame and fortune. Knowing that those are fickle and unfulfilling companions.

It is so tempting that urge to be liked and accepted, but it is far more beneficial to reach that point in life where you understand what is good for you and what is not and can close the door on the latter.

It is so much more important to stay true to what is in your heart realizing that you will not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ nor would you want to be.

That which you give your attention to, grows.

Don’t make it money nor material items. Take your portion of what is needed and no more. When you have overcome the monetary hurdle, help others to do the same.

Spirit – from the Latin word ‘inspire’ meaning what makes you come alive.

Find it. We are biological creatures with brains wired to think in certain ways. No matter what circumstances brought you here – bad parents, challenging situations, health issues – you can ‘re-wire’ your brain.

Find your spirit, what makes you come alive, and pursue it. Put energy towards those synapses and take it away from the unhealthy ones.



Learning how to sit with the incongruity yet truth of these statements:

You are completely unique and utterly special.

We are all the same and connected.

* Picture of the Mud Maid from the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Britain.  More info here:

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” – Chinese Proverb