A celebration of the moment when the river

meets the ocean.

Yemaya is the goddess of the ocean and the

mother of all goddesses.

 – Yemaya Assessu Lyrics by Deva Premal

– Sketch done by Arna Baartz

Flowing into the Source.

Find your unique voice.  Connect with others.  It does not need to be ‘professional’ or fit a certain mold.  Just reach down deep to what is within your heart, connect with some like-minded peeps, pause, reflect and set some intentions for your life.

Don’t wait until its perfect, until you have all the experience you need.  Be You.  Now.

Happy New Year.

For the Full Moon Lodge in Cancer – a ten minute salt bowl meditation to set intentions for the New Year.  Gather a few friends, a bowl of salt, each person with their intentions and either an essential oil, a flower, herb, etc to mix with the salt.

Then each will have a memento / reminder / creation of your powerful intentions.

Listen on YouTube (or mp4 dropbox link below):

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*Music credits to:  The Salt Flats by Aaron Marshall – Noir Ambience Album, Yemaya Assessu by Deva Premal and then Full Moon by Danu Fox