A Poem from Victoria Erickson:

Sometimes you must allow your eyes to adjust
to a truer shape of something you’d once molded
and possibly loved but perhaps never wanted.
Something to unravel now,
straight from these roots.
Something that at some point,
you loosened your fingers around.
Something that at some stage,
you finally outgrew.
So allow this winter
to hold you
in darkly wrapped nights.
while allowing desires
to just be desires
before lighting that flame
stemmed from your longing
and churned into fuel
so when it is time,
you’ll have enough strength
to surrender to fire,
that holds the burn
long enough to
finally take flight.

Happy Winter Solstice

*Poem from Victoria Erickson

Gather round with a friend or two or on your own somewhere you will not be disturbed to listen to this ten minute Winter Solstice and New Moon meditation.  Start in the dark with a candle in front (of each of you and a way to light it.)

Be sure to give some thought to the New Beginnings that you wish to see as the sun comes back around this way.

Or you can download the meditation from here:

A beautiful song to listen to after the meditation from the new movie Wild:

** Music on meditation from Lisa Gerrard Devotion and The Valley of the Moon