prayers of a child

In my life’s wanderings, as far as my belief in God, I have never strayed far.    I credit this to my mother with her Catholic upbringing, prayer cards, and rosaries.  Sometimes our frameworks for finding God have differed, but the strength of our convictions have not.

In other words, when the proverbial shit in life has hit the fan, when everyone and everything in my life has walked out, I consider myself lucky that I have still felt Her Presence.

Ahh, there I go, feminizing and rearranging God.  But that is why I like this children’s book Amy’s Best Friend:  Prayers of a Child because there are no hard and fast rules on this is what God is and isn’t and what you must say.

Instead, this children’s book is a little girl talking to God at night, and her mommy writing down her prayers.  In the end of the book, there is some space for you to encourage your child to start their own conversations with God and for you to write them down for them.

And kids say the cutest things, such as appreciating the bath that God gives the grass in the morning and running your toes through it.

What a wonderful idea this book is, and I encourage you to purchase one through Ernie’s site:

or through Amazon (have I mentioned how much I love Amazon Prime and how much money it has ‘saved’ me? 🙂 )

One of the best gifts you can ever give your child is the belief in God and something bigger than ourselves.

Meanwhile, I have an extra copy to give away.  Please write ‘believe’ or another comment below (or on Facebook comments), and I will draw one person as the winner next Wednesday, December 17th and get it to you in time for someone special at Christmas.