In response to your question of how to create a circle of women coming together like this:

You can feel it, no?

Their joy and relaxed power in their bodies.
The Spirit that they have brought to that room.


I want to be a part of that, don’t you?

But how?


Well, it is my prayer
sending up to the skies
that all of these wonderful women I have met and am meeting

through Women Who Run with the Wolves book studies, Sisterhood tribes, Goddess Rising events and Feminine Empowering groups

will make their way over to our website when it is ready
and enter their name and zip code.

And you will find each other.


Living down the street
or the town over

And come together
forming a circle

Holding space for each other.


And most likely, it will not look like this Polish group the first time or maybe ever, but you will get to know each other, and you will learn more how to express yourself and you will fill your container.

I have figured out that is what it means to ‘hold space’ for each other. It means to hold the place for each other to step into and become who they are meant to be. It means making a commitment to meet together every so often whether it is on a new moon, a solstice or every third Thursday.

But to be there and to stop and pause mindfully for each other, speaking your unique truth and listening.

altar by river

This past Saturday on the Full Moon, my women’s circle met down along the river where I live.  When I got there to set up, funny enough, at my shared neighborhood boat basin, there was a ‘men’s circle’ of twenty men sitting around the bonfire.

My first thought was of a hesitancy to walk past them with my box full of Circle items to set up on the peninsula.  I thought to myself, ‘perhaps we should switch back to the privacy of the Moon Lodge in my backyard.’

I have found it difficult the other times we have held the Moon Lodge outside to create that ‘Sacred Space’ of trust, safety and acceptance.  But this time, I had prayed about it beforehand asking Our Lady Mary to help me come into my own with this.

After all, it is my boat basin.  I have a right to be there, and a right to sit with my friends in a circle.  And so we sat, along the river, on a misty full moon night, with the trees waving, the birds chirping, and we sang.  We drummed.  None of it that well.  But we also shared, we cried, we laughed, and we listened.

And we did all of that quite well.

And although we did not see the beauty of the Full Moon

We felt her presence.

She was there.


How do you create a group of women like this?

One step at a time.

Wherever you are,

take a step forward.

And we will all be there for you,

helping you to create a circle of your own.