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From a Facebook post that I read yesterday on Sara Sophia Eisenman’s page

I’m just gonna reflect for a moment on the fact that, despite holding a big old space of love for ALL women in my heart, it’s been a wholllllllle lotta going it alone without much YET of what might be called “aligned sisterhood.” I definitely have a ton of amazing women in my life but there is still this sense of aloneness with that, and also SO many women who are just t-r-i-g-g-e-r-e-d by my very presence, which I’ll be honest, can really hurt.

I grant that I may not be every woman’s cup of tea (or perhaps more accurately, shot of whiskey!). But of all the work I’ve done, *that* sisterhood that lives in my heart, has not yet fully manifested in a life that in almost all respects, truly resembles the Garden of Eden. The closest I have come so far is in the Facebook community and creating FB groups with my goddess-sister Jen – which I will say do a pretty bad-ass job of holding a true space of unconditional love (yay US).

I think I am just feeling a need for MORE and closer (as in, real 3D connection).

Witnessing all this without judgement (albeit more than a bit of wistful longing!) – just noticing and reflecting, and wondering if and when all that might shift.


Good morning, Sara. Wow, I love your grey hair and cannot wait to grow mine out that way. First off, I get you when you say you trigger other people as I have had the same experience. It always perplexed me as I think I am so ‘nice’ ;), until I figured out that I am an emotional empath and tend to feel/see the emotions that others are suppressing and have tended to ‘prod’ them along in their awareness.

Nowadays, I try to hold back a bit more as I get that people come to things when they are ready for them, and if they are suppressing them, there is a reason.  I also realized that perhaps my reasons were not always so altruistic … so maybe a little here or there, but I try to … ahem .. hold my tongue. Ahh, the wisdom of age.

I also completely get your craving for sisterhood. The internet is great (when managed), and I have met oh so many incredible women and learned oh so much and been inspired, but my true passions are the small women’s circles that I host in my backyard on new and full moons. The ability to connect, pause, reflect, grow, with the same women meeting consistently over time, where we are able to set down our roles and responsibilities and form an atmosphere of safety, trust and non-judgment.

THESE are incredible vehicles for growth I believe. To that end, I am working on a computer app THE DF APP … (DIVINE FEMININE) (put in your e-mail to be notified here ) which in addition to helping to organize and personalize interest in all of these fantastic Divine Fem public events will also help women to form local women’s circles.

Time and time again, I hear women say, ‘oh, I would Love to do something like that, but no one lives around here like that.’

Oh I bet they do. ❤

And here’s the thing. I have watched the seven women who have come consistently to our circle the past couple of years make incredible strides in their life in whichever way they needed to (it IS after all different for all of us.) I have learned through taking turns speaking with our ‘talking bowl’ better how to hold my tongue and stop giving all of my well-meaning ‘advice‘, and in result, I have seen how most of us Know what we truly need to do, it’s just finding the courage, support, faith and love to do so.

Before the circle, I find myself sometimes getting bogged down in the ‘she said, she did’ blah blah blah of every day life that divides us. I remind myself to breathe deeply, let go and let God(dess), and then when everyone gets here, and it starts, all of that fades away, and it is just a beautiful container to breathe, be, smell, listen, sing, dance, drum and connect.

You cannot do that over a phone line or a video camera.

Get out there women, and start a woman’s circle.  ❤


Best wishes for a wondrous day.

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