“So we see that the union of opposites between ego and soul produces something of infinite value, the spirit child.  … (this child) has the ability to hear the call, hear the far-off voice that says it is time to come back, back to oneself. ”

Chapter 9:  Homing: Returning to OneSelf,

Sealskin, Soulskin story in

Women Who Run with the Wolves

I have been cultivating this sense of ‘home’.

My ‘normal’ mind tells me things like:

‘Uh-oh, something is wrong. Something may go wrong.

I am tired. Things are horrible, etc.’

The ‘river under the river’ tells me differently. I am learning to find its current.

It is very difficult, but there is this place where wonder and possibility and joy reside.


I have found it in my women’s circles.

I have found it watching the silver crane fly across the river while kayaking.

Meditating. Taking a bath. Singing at the top of my lungs.


And once you find it, even a little thread, pull!!!

Find it again!

This may sound crazy, but I bet we all have our unique sensors.  When I am in this place, I feel my heartbeat in my left ear. And I am learning/have learned how to cultivate this sense of soul by cultivating this feeling by my left ear, this feeling which says,

‘All is Well. All as it is supposed to be. There is beauty and pain. Joy and suffering. Light and dark.

And you are both a vast and insignificant part of it.’

And when I can get to this feeling (thank you Arna Baartz for being the start of it with your I Am Change course), Everything Looks Different.

Everything Looks Alive.

It sizzles. It zings. It hums.  It vibrates.

And then I will lose the feeling.

But each time, I am able to find it and cultivate it, it gets a little easier … to find it again.

The place where soul and ego reside. 

Have you found it?

  • Thank you Merri Mulherin for being my muse and inspiraton for this post.  And for the picture, where she writes in our book study group:

Hey sisters…you know how i seem to have real life pictures that sort of fit with our reading…well!!!!! Get a load of this one…taken just a few days ago on our South Coast…as we begin to discuss the Seal woman…it is really, really special…it is the whale (the carrier of ancient secrets and of deep cultural memory) carrying her…we will say…HOME


‘Mother of the Water

Here I Am Your Daughter

Mother of the Sea

Please Carry Me

Carry Me Home

Carry Me Home’ 

*’Mother of the Water’ by Danu Fox