knight and dame keats
An Autumn Equinox Post on Seeking Equilibrium

I have always liked men.

And I don’t mean that in a ‘I want to sleep with them all’ way. I mean that I have always preferred the company of men. I have found them easier to understand, more accepting, straightforward, uncomplicated and nicer in general.

Women, on the other hand, I would generalize and have tended to find in my history as bitchy, catty, mean, materialistic and shallow. Yes, ironic that my passion is Women’s Circles, because I have always noticed how women tend to draw circles: ‘You – in! You – out!’.

And I was never a fan of this.

Manipulative, underhanded and plotting would historically be words I would use to define Feminine Wiles.

Hmmmm, obviously, I have some issues. I know, I know; I am working on them.

And yes, most definitely my personal ’Return to the Divine Feminine’ is rooted in my desire to make peace with my feminine nature: to find the soft, nurturing, accepting, compassionate, emotional feminine side of myself and others.

But as I am traveling this path, I hear a lot of ‘white male’ bashing, and I don’t like that either as I have always liked a lot of ‘white males’ …and brown ones, and black ones and all shades in between. Yes, of course, there have been patriarchal abuses of power, bullying, strong-holding and forceful, pig-headed men.

But I don’t care for when people try to right the wrongs of the past by creating additional wrongs.

Somewhere in the equilibrium lies a day when we are celebrated for our unique strengths whether they are masculine or feminine, quiet or loud, subtle or outright and are,  regardless, supported, cared for and loved by others.

Today is the Autumn Equinox: one of the two days in the year of equal light and dark and a great time for thinking how opposites complement each other and how we can best all live together as One: Divinely Feminine or Male, Christian or Muslim, Republican or Democrat and so on.

*Follow the picture to blog post on ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ poem by Keats on the Autumn Equinox as well.  He perchance may have shared my earlier view.  😉