Before I got into all of ‘this’: women’s circles and the concept of the Divine Feminine, the word ‘feminist’ made me bristle. In my mind, I would see a business women wearing a suit with a RBF (resting bitch face) while her kids were at home being raised by the nanny. And that simply was not me. Even though I have always liked men, I have never wanted to be one. I have always wanted to be a ‘mom’, raise children and take care of a home. So I could safely say ‘nope, feminism is not for me.’

But I’m not so sure nowadays. You see I’m starting to think of something else when I hear the term ‘feminism’; and it has nothing to do with how you fill your days … at an office or chasing toddlers, but everything to do with how you see yourself: capable, confident, worthy, powerful and loving, secure in your skin whether that be a Size 2 or a Size 20 and empowering.

You see ‘feminist’ takes its cue from ‘feminine’ and that is perhaps where I originally went astray. ‘Feminine’ is not pink Barbies, perfect nails and a pristine house. ‘Feminine’ is raw beauty, curves, dancing moonbeams, comforting breasts, loving arms, sensual poetry, dance and song.

All of that and more, whatever it is you find when you dig deep inside yourself and pull those parts out. And the ‘masculine’ is there inside you as well – the protective strength, the animus to get things done, the focus.

When you really allow yourself to get authentic, you will make peace with all of these different sides of yourself.

‘Feminist’ to me now means the ability to, irrespective of gender, reach down deep and find yourself: whether that be a stay at home dad or mom, a CEO or a logger and to challenge the constructs of a culture that pigeon-holes anyone into a stereotype or limits anyone, male or female, due to their gender.

Why, I do believe I am becoming a ‘masculinist’ as well. 😉