river goddess 2

When is the last time you felt ‘alive’??

I see this every day in so many women that I meet …

‘…when there is damage to the animus through all the myriad forces of culture and self, something weary, or mean-spirited, or a deadness some call ‘being neutral’ interposes itself between the inner world of psyche and the outer world of the blank page, clear canvas, waiting dance floor, boardroom, gathering.”

Ch. 10 Women Who Run with the Wolves

And through my work with women’s circles and the divine feminine concept, I have also been lucky enough lately to meet women who are truly ‘alive’ – radiating, joyful, LIVING … HOW do you get it back when you’ve lost it?  From Chapter Ten:  Clear Water:  Nourishing the Creative Life.

1. Receive NURTURANCE – take a complement.  Find friends that ‘get you’. Find a women’s circle. 😉

2. RESPOND to all that goes on around us. EVERY day when things happen, you have a CHOICE on how you will respond …. i.e. the Paris attack, what has been your response??? Is it one based on LOVE … or FEAR??

3. BE WILD. Censor Nothing. “To create one must be willing to be stone stupid, to sit upon a throne on top of a jackass and spill rubies from one’s mouth.” Ahhh, no one says things quite like the dear doctor! 😉

4. BEGIN. Begin Again. and Again.

“It is not the failure that holds us back but the reluctance to begin over again that causes us to stagnate. If you’re scared, so what? If you’re afraid something’s going to leap out and bite you, then for heaven’s sake, get it over with already. Let your fear leap out and bite you so you can get it over with and go on.”

5.  PROTECT your time.  Turn off your cell phone.  Tell your kids not to disturb you unless the house is burning down.  Carve out time that is ‘your’s’.

6.  STAY with it.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a juicy life.  Keep coming back to it.

7.  PROTECT your creative life.  ‘Then, let no thought, no man, no woman, no mate, no friend, no religion, no job, and no crabbed voice force you into a famine.’ 

You Know when you have plugged into the River of Creativity.

8.  CRAFT your real work.  ‘Build that hut of warmth and knowing.  Pull your energy from over there to over here.’

9.  Lay out NOURISHMENT for the creative life.  ‘Time, belonging, passion, and sovereignty.  Stock up.  These keep the river clean.’

  1. bring (something) into existence.

Baking, writing, building, singing, gardening, planning a party … we ALL have something that we excel at and that makes us feel alive …

Find it.

*All quotes and list taken from Chapter Ten of Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Phd.  Join us at our Facebook group here for a book study.