We gather in a circle
To honor life, to honor beauty, to honor nature and its cycles

We come together
To connect, to heal and to empower ourselves and each other

At the door,
We leave our worries, our to-do lists,
Our judgments, our expectations of ourselves and of others

We acknowledge
That everybody has their own path
And must find their own way.
That everyone has their own unique ways of worship,
Many have their own religion
And we respect each person’s beliefs.

We are greater together
Than apart

We offer our love and our support but not our advice.
Part of our objective is to learn to sit together in silence

Breathing In
And Breathing Out

In reverence to Mother Earth and All Divinity
In reverence to the truth that already resides in all of us.

May we come away from this circle
With a steady gait on our paths, renewed, recharged and with a greater

Sense of the silent still part that resides in all of us.

Love Everlasting.




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