Coming in February of 2016!


If you have a women’s circle, please add it.

Please be sure to put a city, state and zip so that nearby women can locate it.  Women who are searching for women’s circles will either use their smartphone GPS or a zip code to list the closest Women’s circles to their location.  You will also be given the option of listing women’s circles in a particular state.


You will also need to describe your women’s circle. Do you honor a certain religion in your circle or perhaps several? Is it a Red Tent (communal open event with a theme) or a Goddess circle with ritual. Is there shared leadership or one host? Is your circle associated with an organization such as Gather the Women or Shematrix. Do you include drumming, singing or dancing? The more descriptive you are, the better.

If you have a URL, please list it. Lots of circle have Facebook groups for their circle. They are easily made if you do not.

Lastly, put your e-mail as this is how women will contact you. If your name is in your e-mail and you do not want it listed (it will not be publicly listed but only shown to registered users who request it), you can make a new e-mail with the name of your group (I.e.

When women contact you for information, get to know them through other social media, such as face book, google plus, twitter, linked-in, etc. Women’s circles are usually privately held events, oftentimes at people’s homes and therefore use your intuition and common sense when opening your home.

If you want to start a women’s circle, please add it.

If you are looking to start or join a women’s circle, follow the steps above to add your desired circle. (I.e. Looking to start an interfaith women’s circle meeting on new moons with shared leadership.)

Women in your area will see your desire to start a women’s circle and will contact you via the e-mail that you provide.

Before Saving, You Will Need to Register; Creating a Free Account


Before you save your information, you will be asked to register (creating a free account.)  This will be a very simple process entering your e-mail as username and a default zip code.

In addition to finding, sharing and promoting women’s circles, you will also be able to search for and post other divine feminine events (the difference being that the former is oftentimes private whereas divine feminine events are public events:  retreats, classes and more that are either location based or virtual.)

The second version will have lots more features such as profile options allowing you to follow women and therefore be alerted when they ‘host’ events as well as other features to personalize and organize your circles and events making it easier for you to connect with like-minded women in  your area and across the world.

Sorry, the first version of The DF App will be United States only.  Those outside the USA are encouraged to use the free App to locate virtual Divine Feminine events.  The second version will include additional locations.


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