I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a heck of a year.

I’ve met some incredible women the world over and down my street as I came up with, designed and put into development a computer app to help connect women in women’s circles and other ‘divine feminine’ events. Divine feminine, you say? No, I haven’t turned my back on the ‘Big Guy’; I’ve just expanded my view to include the ‘Big Gal’ as well.

I’ve been hosting women’s circles every two weeks. They’re magic. Really. It’s amazing how when you set aside your roles and responsibilities for an hour or two in order to pause, connect, meditate, breathe, learn to speak your unique truths, sing and honor beauty, how very much impact this can have on the rest of your life.

Yes, there’s church. Not knocking it. It works for tons of people, me included over the years. But the churches that I have been to tend to be large and impersonal; whereas women’s circles are all about small and intimate. And the churches have this tendency to ‘preach’; whereas women’s circles are about quieting yourself, to listen … to what is already inside yourself.

I am finding peace this year.

For about four hours a week, I have time to myself while my littlest (of four) is in preschool. Lately, I’ve been taking walks and then sitting by the river meditating. I am learning how to let myself ‘melt’ into the environment, clear my mind and then simply sit there ‘breathing’, listening, recharging and grounding myself back to Mother Earth.

Peace amongst chaos.

My family, amidst some really serious challenges, is learning how to better live. We are learning how to, all of us in our family, live truthfully, peacefully and lovingly as a blended family despite our very different personalities and beliefs.

A microcosm of the Whole World.
THIS is what the world must do right now.

Wishing you all of the best in 2016.